America Experiences a Stunning Defeat


Clinton wins the popular vote but experiences defeat the election

By James Preston Allen, Publisher

Well, there you have it—a reality TV braggart has bullied his way into the Oval Office by flim-flamming the American electorate. To get there, he defied many respected national polls, especially the polls conducted by Nate Silver—the guru of political forecasting.

Apparently, one of the few who got it right was filmmaker/activist Michael Moore who has been warning progressive Democrats for weeks that Trump will win. Trump did just that by amazingly narrow margins in several key battleground states including Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Election night was very depressing to say the least—especially for the 71.5 percent of Los Angeles County voters that chose Clinton. It felt more like a death in the family than a political defeat. I offer, or rather share, my condolences to all.

Clinton did win the popular vote by a slim 240,000 votes out of some 118.88 million after all. But in one of our more curious American forms of democracy she lost the Electoral College vote 279 to 228.

This undisputedly gives Trump the presidency even though he could be indicted and prosecuted on various criminal charges before he even takes the oath of office, which is something to ponder. Would anyone care to trade Trump for Mike Pence?

Now that the Republicans control both houses of Congress, it seems improbable that even if Trump were charged with high crimes and misdemeanors (the term used for qualifying for impeachment), Congress would even convict him. Unless enough representatives from his own party joined Democrats to vote him out. But that’s mere speculation and of little consolation now.

Trump has been, and will continue to be, a divisive figure and an embarrassment to those who voted against him. But perhaps the point that was made by this election was that voters weren’t so much trying to elect one candidate over another, but rather were voting against Trump or Clinton.

I, however, cannot find it within myself to be so gracious as Hillary Clinton was in her concession speech in which she said:

I still believe in America, and I always will. And if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.

I am far more skeptical than she.

I don’t believe that we, the majority who voted against Trump, should after all of his fear mongering, hate speech and bigoted misogynist and racist rants give him the benefit of the doubt for one second.

Keep an open mind on what exactly? A chance to lead this nation down the road to perdition (which is not a small town in Georgia) or worse, fascism?

This guy has pulled off so many scams in his life that to give him a break now is like giving a thief the keys to your home and car. What happened Tuesday night was worse. We gave this scammer the keys to our nation!

Resistance from the beginning is the only pathway to salvation and I’m with the university students who immediately started demonstrating after the election was called.

Resistance is the only reasonable response. Trump doesn’t understand governance and unifying this divided country behind this bigot is a pipe dream that you can now legally smoke in California.

I can’t imagine what President Barack Obama will say when he meets up with this imposter and turn over the reigns of power. But if I were him, I’d order all the flags to fly at half mast to mourn the passing of our republic. There’s already a storm brewing and there are no calm seas ahead



  1. James,

    I disagree 100% with your perspective but I thank you for exercising your right and duty to stand up for your convictions and for your journalistic integrity in expressing your opinion.

    In a news world where journalistic integrity is abused by major news organizations, Random Lengths remains consistent and honest in their reporting. Your readers can always depend on you to remain true to your convictions and to challenge us to consider alternate perspectives.

    For several years, your articles and commentaries have forced me to consider new points and alternate perspectives on very important topics. Although I disagree 100% with your perspective on this particular issue, I appreciate you James for the continued effort you and your staff put in to bringing us readers great news stories and commentaries that consistently challenge our own perspectives.

    As a Veteran, I served my nation to defend the Constitution. Thank you for exercising your Constitutional rights James and for consistently encouraging others to exercise theirs as well so that the sacrifices of Veterans and current Service Members and their families were not in vain. We do not have to agree but we must respect all voices in order to ensure this experiment in Democracy can thrive for an injustice to one is in fact an injustice to all. Thank you for never letting your readers forget that principal.

    Thank you brother for your service to our communities James and for the honesty and journalistic integrity you exhibit in performing that service. Keep Trukin like the doo-dah man brother.


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