Deedub, KLB Shape their Fate


By Melina Paris, Music Columnist

Artist and entrepreneur, Deedub, is intent on spreading joy through his ventures to all who will listen. He and his wife, KLB, blend reggae, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and rock into what they call “Earth music.”

“There are no borders or limits to the genres I will choose from as far as inspiration and to take samples and ideas from with my music,” Deedub said. “I feel like the Earth music label is better than anything for our music.”

But it’s not just music. Deedub and KLB have their own record label and a line of clothing called Deedub Records Apparel. They bring their sound to community service, most recently appearing at the 2015 Special Olympics. But it is their sound, 100 percent, start to finish.

Deedub says he has collaborated with the likes of Young Guru (producer for Jay Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson) in the past, but he works solo now.

“I feel like it’s time for me to take the reins and bring the sound that I hear in my head and feel in my heart,” he said, noting that experience has made him better able to express his feelings through the music and production process.

Deedub says he developed his performance skills during seven years of club gigging, mostly in Los Angeles, but also at the Original Blue Café in Long Beach.

“I credit them as my training ground and the people who gave me my first opportunities to do shows where they weren’t just some promoter trying to rip you off,” Deedub said. “They actually gave me some respect and gave me a time slot. I really appreciated that. Then we started doing more shows in Hollywood at the Whiskey and the Viper Room.”

KLB’s role in the music-making has grown larger over time. Previously, she only sang on Deedub’s tracks, but these days she describes their music as more of a partnership. The couple sees the Deedub Records Apparel line as an extension of their sound. The men’s line is on their website and their women’s line debuted at Orange County Fashion Week, Sept. 19.

“We are unveiling our streetwear, casual items,” Deedub said. “It’s inspired by skateboarding and surf styles — SoCal Style — just the same as our music. Our goal is to make classic pieces and fits.”

“Including Polo shirts and a little tie-dye,” KLB adds. “We add positive sayings on the tags just to give people a boost and get our message across.

“Little reminders to people to enjoy life and sing the song of the soul,” Deedub interjects.

The musical couple spread positivity by donating a portion of their apparel line proceeds to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Sweet Relief helps musicians who develop disabilities or have hardships in their lives.

“It’s helps musicians who have [a] need for it,” KLB explained. “Musicians who may have had major accidents that affect their ability to make a living.”

The couple found their way to a performance at the Special Olympics through Reverb Nation’s call for artists’ submissions.

“I’ve performed at so many bars and nightclubs, and that’s all fine,” Deedub said. “A lot of times the other acts I’ve performed with in the past were kind of the opposite of what my music is about. It doesn’t really jive well for me to perform in those venues so much. Now I’m seeking places that are more like festivals where people are getting together to have good vibes and the enjoyment of life is the goal.”

“Also it’s where we can inspire people,” KLB added. “I think the Special Olympics was great for that because all the athletes are an inspiration to everybody and it just fit perfectly.

For KLB the best part of the Special Olympics was performing on stage when a special needs child came up.

“He was dancing along, following our movements and singing along,” KLB said. “After I would sing my part he would also sing it. It boosted our energy on stage. This is why we’re doing this. It was awesome.”

“We were performing Liberation, Deedub said. “That was the most special thing and why I do the music, for the message and to connect with people.”

The pair is working on another album while reaching out to festival promoters to perform and spread their message. That message?

“Spread love,” KLB said.

“We want to see people take their power in their own hands,” Deedub said. “Our music is very motivational and empowering. You have a destiny but you also have fate, which you can change yourself. Your decisions and actions really matter and they add up.”

“It’s pretty deep,” Deedub continued. “I know all the work I’m doing is for a reason that’s probably beyond my understanding. My destiny is to do the music, so I do it happily.”



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