Foster Catches Flack For Appearance on Conservative Mailer


LONG BEACH — Former District 7 Councilwoman Tonia Reyes Uranga, expressed disappointment with Mayor Bob Foster’s association with a conservative political mailer that, among other measures, opposes Proposition 30 — Temporary Taxes to Fund Education — and pushes “Yes” on Prop. 32, which prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes but includes exemptions.

“Why is he appearing in a flyer in opposition to his councils position, the mailer circulated in Orange County and was produced in Torrance,” wrote Reyes Uranga on her Facebook page. “(The) Mayor’s presence and endorsement on a political flyer is in opposition to the (California) Democratic Party and his own council. What’s up? Does he think we won’t find out or that we will have Romnesia?”

Foster published a column titled, “California’s Not So Bright Future,” in Budget Watchdogs Newsletter, in which he laments the declining of public schools, slow job growth and political gridlock. The column does not mention either proposition and ends with him underlining the importance of investment in education by stating:

“Without investment in the future, in accessible education and the tools which fuel economic activity, we will further erode the middle class and reduce the opportunity for young people. We can prevent that future by investing in educational institutions and avenues of commerce; building jobs and a durable vibrant economy for decades. We need to go back to the future.”

His statement seems to run contrary to the measures opposed and supported in the mailer.

[UPDATED Oct. 24, 2012] A message was left for Mayor Bob Foster prior to publication. The mayor has not responded as of yet. Random Lengths News will update this post if or when it receives a response.


  1. I read Mayor Foster’s article. It is about education and the loss of redevelopment. It does not contain an endorsement for any proposition. So, someone publishes his words without his permission on a slate card and he is accused of being Yes on 32? Is that how this works? Mayor Bob Foster is and always has been NO on 32. Has RLN called Foster for his opinion on Prop. 32? Lets get the facts straight here. I guess it is true you can’t believe everything you read. Mayor’s office (562) 570-6801

  2. Foster’s office can’t seem to talk with our reporters on this matter, which seem kind of odd.


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