Our Mission

Random Lengths News is an alternative community newspaper serving the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Area.

We are committed to promoting an open dialogue on the important questions concerning our community. We invite and depend on community participation.

Random Lengths News addresses the community need for a newspaper that will fight for worker, consumer and citizen rights; that will alert to dangers in the community; that will report honestly on the problems in schools and workplaces; that will analyze the failures of government; and that will reveal the full extent of corporate control over lives.

The newspaper also speaks of past achievements and the progressive developments in the community.

It is the newspaper’s intention to promote direct community action and encourage non-exploitive artistic and cultural activity. The paper is committed to working against sex and age discrimination across all ethnic and racial boundaries.

Random Lengths News urges readers to discover their own political power by making changes in their own neighborhoods that are drawn together into a cohesive social movement.

The History of Our Name

Navigating by the stars of free speech and free press Random Lengths carries the cargo of words and ideas, of thought and reflections in random lengths and widths.

The metaphor of our name refers to the early days of the San Pedro Bay, when lumber schooners from the Pacific Northwest arrived frequently to offload their cargoes. The timbers they carried came rough cut in what was commonly termed “random lengths and widths,” a term that is still used in the lumber trade today. Random Lengths, comes from this heritage of the harbor and building communities.

In the worst of times a vigilant press is essential to the freedom of thought and expression in a free society. In the best of times, it is informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. Random Lengths provides news for all times.

Since 1979

Random Lengths Newspaper has been the independent, progressive newspaper of the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Harbor Area for 40 years. RLn publishes every other Thursday, reaching 63,000 readers in the seven cities that surround the Harbor Area; San Pedro, Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Wilmington, Carson, Lomita, Harbor City. RLn is proud of the readership and support from the Harbor Area labor unions, who allow us exclusive distribution inside most of their union halls.

A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.” -Mark Twain

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  • Terri Henry

    Hi! I’m the founder of Dine LBC – Long Beach Restaurant Week, coming up August 5-13 this year – I just came across your publication and would like to add your food writer and editor to our media list. Would you mind responding with the email contacts please? Thanks in advance.

    • 4:13 pm - 02/02/2017

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  • Pete

    EPA is over reaches into every business every aspect of every business trying to control every drop of water, EPA and BLM over-reach for too long while looking the other way what companies like Monsanto and and big development companiesdestroy our environmentcompanies we lose are free to go to other countries and pollute at willhow’s that help our environment little more honesty in your reporting please

    • 10:35 am - 04/20/2017

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  • Jaye Whitworth

    Hi! I’m Jaye Whitworth, one of the 20 artists/spaces that will be participating in the MidCity Studio Tour on June 3rd and 4th from 11am to 4pm. You wrote an article about our last tour (2015) and I wondered if you wanted to do the same again — info on all the spaces & artists is at and we are a diversified group of professional artists who open our studios to the public. This is an opportunity to see how each artists creates in their studio environment: behind the scenes! Art will be for sale at studio prices, and most will have snacks and drinks. It is free and open to the public. We are also doing outreach this year with art talk/demos at the El Dorado Library which are also be free and their will be an artist showing at the Library. The talks are as follows:
    Tue, May 16, 4pm: Alice Foss-Thorne; Recycled Art
    Fri, May 26, 1pm: Carol Roemer; Artist Books
    Tue, May 30, 1pm: Kristine Baker; Silk Fabric Demo
    Tue, May 30, 2pm: Kurt Hatzsch; Prose Reading
    Wed, May 31, 5pm: Jaye Whitworth; Assemblage Art
    The biennial Mid-City Studio Tour was started 14 years ago by professional women artists, many of whom were educators with prominent art careers and local, regional and national recognition. They established the MCS Tour as a way to share their art with collectors, art lovers, friends and neighbors.

    The community can experience the process of creating art by visiting individual artists’ studios, viewing artwork closely and speaking to artists about their unique works. Key goals of the MCS Tour are to connect artistically with the general public, share the many ways art is made, and provide educational and creative experiences for adults and children through make-and-take projects at selected sites. Sponsoring organizations are the Arts Council of Long Beach, the Long Beach Public Library and Partners of Parks. Come and be a part of the Art Community of the city!

    If you need photos or more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 562/493-0163. Sincerely, Jaye

    • 11:38 am - 04/24/2017

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  • Alton C . Thompson, Ph. D.

    Dear Paul,
    Just read your article on evangelicals. (I was raised in an Assemblies of God church, thus know about them.) My concern with evangelicals is that they are “possessed” by an ideology, and therefore unable to think realistically. For example, they are unable to understand that our species is headed for extinction (see this: and thus will, if anything, BLOCK efforts to “save” our species! I find this highly ironic!

    • 6:08 am - 04/30/2018

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  • Alton C. Thompson

    I just read an article by Paul on right-wing “Christianity,” and it made me more convinced than ever that our species is doomed:

    • 11:14 am - 04/14/2019

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  • Bill Walker P.E.

    Your article entitled “Another Green Glitch” triggered my Google Alert for “Clean Air Engineering” which happens to be an unrelated company using my company’s name. Your article is informative but somewhat misleading due to simplification and generalization not supported by data. If you write another article on this topic I would like to offer my service gratus to proof read and and to suggest improvements if any.

    • 1:29 pm - 05/21/2019

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    • Publisher

      Do explain your concerns in detail to our editors and let us correct any errors

      • 3:51 pm - 05/22/2019

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  • Stacy Clark

    Hi – I read with great interest Paul Rosenberg’s Salon story on Tom Perez’s obstruction on a climate debate. I am wondering if anyone has rough numbers on how many calls have been made to the DNC in favor of a climate debate. Thanks so much. I called the DNC again today to ask if any tallying of calls on this subject had been on-going, but there was no one that answered. Thanks for any feedback you may have. Stacy in Dallas

    • 6:59 am - 08/02/2019

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  • Judie M Barker

    Hello. I’m a frightened, Senior,USAF veteran mobile home owner in the city of Carson since 1975. Our Neighbor Hood ( Imperial Mobile Home Park) is in peril. We are being told that the new land owner will be reusing this land for commercial and residential (we reside here already people) use after they “remove” all of the Senior+Veteran Citizens from it (400).We were not given notice prior to sale or even a chance to bid for purchase of our spaces. Once again a City shows it’s Greedy side by allowing this to happen to it’s low income Elders and Veterans that live here. You really wonder how the homeless end up on the streets? Just look into your city managers actions and remember….you voted for them. You could be next? We need help to stop this type of abuse!

    • 4:05 pm - 10/14/2019

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  • Bob Kohler

    Republicans who lie to the public in order to protect the president and who do nothing while the president continues to tear down the very agencies and constitutional laws he swore to protect, will soon see the mess the country has become because they did not act. They protected the president instead of protecting the country and will inevitably look back with shame for their part in denying rational defense of the constitution. If they do not have the courage to step up and criticize or comment against the President, because they were afraid of not being re-elected or being attacked by the President, they will be ill judged by history. The President, who did not serve his country because he is a coward, and who has repeatedly denigrated actual military heroes, should garner no respect from his party nor anyone else. Terminating staff, aides, secretaries, officials, cabinet members and others when he is called out by them is proof that his greed and self-aggrandizement is limitless. This man does not even have the courage to disagree with others in person. Rather, he uses the shield of Twitter and hides behind minions who slavishly bow to his wishes. The lens of history may take time but, in the end, will be clear and compelling.

    Republicans must show the courage to honor their oaths of office and do the right thing. Our republic depends on its representatives to actually represent constituents, not serve as acolytes to the President. They must turn away from the architect of this debacle, Mitch McConnell, who has shown nothing but craven disregard and contempt for others, and muster the courage to protect our country. I’m ashamed of our Republican “representatives”. They should all read the Pulitzer Prize “Profiles in Courage” and read about those Americans in history who went against party and did the right thing for country. Years from now when all the truths of the Trump era are known, each and every name, on the sides of both good and evil, will be in documents, books and search engines. For the present, one wonders how Republicans can look at themselves in the mirror.

    Bob Kohler
    San Pedro

    • 12:39 pm - 11/04/2019

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  • Lindsey Miller


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