Random Letters: 5-14-20

  • 05/15/2020
  • Reporters Desk

Making Connections

As of March, [as always], I find your newsletter more and more interesting; especially concerning the coronavirus. Its very coincidental that March 9 [full moon], March 13 [Friday the 13th], are parallel with the 2020 census and the presidential election. [The] World Health Organization seems to have convinced us that we need to lower the population by 50% by the end of 2020. Is this a coincidence or a plan?

By the way the internet is in a state of Entropy.

Susann Gould, Lakewood

Keep At It.  Tell the World

Aside from bringing Armed Madhouse home and busting up all institutions, including the USPS, this is the final piece of voter suppression and would kill votes by mail.

Despite all criticism of his narcissism, greed and incompetence, this shitler guy has one time-tested talent: Bankruptcy.  He has proven his ability to do this on five (5!!!!!) previous occasions.  All involve screwing workers.  It was the one skill which I fully expected him to apply to the federal government.  He had already created a $4-trillion wealth shift to Wall Street, exponentially increasing the inequality gap.

When I returned from India, 10 years ago, I was asked what I saw and learned.  I told people (possibly you, too) I saw the future of this country where the middle class is minimal and the gap between rich and poor is extreme.  Here we are — India.

Keep at it.  Tell the world.

Gary Pernell, Whidbey Island, Wash. 

San Pedro Short Changed in Development

I’m pretty sure most residents would like San Pedro really cleaned up, especially in our commercial districts. Perhaps it is because the City of Los Angeles has allowed it to fall into decay for so long to get to the dismal state it is in today. Now, with all the proposed and ongoing building development, there is no coherent overview and/or vision of what our community could really look like, with best possible designs and quality construction that should connect with San Pedro’s rich history.

Compared to many other cities within the Los Angeles area, where you can not only see but also feel the difference in vibrance, care, common sense and quality, San Pedro is once more getting short-changed with bottom of the barrel looks and cheap construction. Even third world nations have better looking architecture than what we are currently forced to accept.

Rigged planning commission approvals, backroom deals, politicians getting reimbursed for influence, and the Port Authority with no real-world vision nor care, it seems we just get whatever they choose at the lowest possible price. We may think this is progress because it’s better than the current blight but it is not.

Community input is a thing of the past. You might appreciate listening to an online planning commission hearing for our neighborhood with the recent approval of 1309-1331 S. Pacific Ave.

The online version is here: www.tinyurl.com/planningcommissionPacificAve

And very soon there will be one for 2111 S. Pacific Ave.  that probably will get rubber-stamped as well by downtown Los Angeles Planning Commission members without regards to the people that live here. What can we do to improve this?

James Campeau, San Pedro

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