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  • 03/09/2020
  • Reporters Desk

70th John Olguin Fourth of July Celebration

We the Cabrillo Beach Boosters are proud and honored to announce that we will be presenting the 70th consecutive John Olguin Fourth of July celebration this year.  The  Boosters have had the privilege of continuing this free community tradition for the past 17 years. As a community nonprofit, the Boosters have helped restore the historic fabric of Cabrillo Beach. Our historic renovations of both the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse and the Angeles’ Gate Lighthouse, has brought us a considerable sense of pride and joy. We are now asking our community to consider making a donation to help make this year’s event the best Fourth  of July ever.

Please send donations to The Cabrillo Beach Boosters at 3800 Stephen White Dr., San Pedro, CA 90732 or on our website www.CabrilloBeachBoosters.org  your donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Gary W. Dwight, Cabrillo Beach Boosters, San Pedro

Who is Bill Bloomfield and Why is He Buying this Election?

Who is Bill Bloomfield and what gives him the right to pay for and send flyers to voters, discouraging them from voting for Patricia Castellanos?  Does he have skin in the game, and how dare he discourage anyone from voting for this woman?  In addition to stating all the experience she does not have, and placing a very unflattering photo of Ms.Castellanos next to an opponent, he fails to mention that she might be a parent.

This is the lowest form of filthy politics, and I am so outraged that I plan to vote for Patricia Castellanos in protest.  I would encourage others to do the same.

Sheila Raymond, San Pedro

Why Not Castellanos?

I was very surprised. Patricia [Castellanos] has the endorsement of over 300 unions in Los Angeles. While some are calling her a career politician, I’ve met her several times at this point (as have my other teacher colleagues) and we will feel she and her campaign are organizers. I feel she respects teachers more than any other candidate (I attended a CCSA forum with some of my peers and we were all horrified by the language most folks used to (as usual) blame teachers). Bradford was the primary contender; she implied that veteran teachers in San Pedro were making “too much” money while younger teachers in Watts were receiving inequitable pay. We all work for the same district under one salary table; this is dangerous rhetoric from a labor standpoint.

Moreover, she has a goal of private funding. My impression of Bradford seems like someone who is combative, unresponsive to the lowest rungs of power among stakeholders (parents, teachers, and students) and who is using this to climb into politics (her resume shows someone climbing fairly quickly, even when it takes her to other parts of the state).

I’d love to know why RLn followed the LA Times on this one.

Maya Daniels, UTLA Member, Los Angeles

Dear Maya,

We didn’t follow the LA Times endorsement at all and we agree with UTLA’s position on protecting public education. However, your union isn’t the only one involved in this battle and the classified staff union did endorse Silke Bradford, who did come to us early. Castellanos never even approached us. At this point, before the primary we feel Bradford is better qualified, but if she doesn’t make it into the runoff, we’ll reconsider Patty Castellanos.

James Preston Allen, Publisher

Re: 100 Years of Red Baiting Will Not Stop Sanders

You forgot to mention in your RLN article on “Red Baiting  about why so many “seasoned” Americans are afraid of Bernie, not so much about some of his “proposed” solutions to all the problems we all face, but the fact that the recent Brexit election outcome shows just how most people feel when it comes to push-shove, and having a “revolution”—which would be led by an always-angry, older white man. Like Corbyn, of the Labor Party, who was proposing the “takeover” of the electric grid and the transportation system and wanting “open borders.” He LOST big because the people who wanted him— at first —but ran for the hills when the actual vote came again.

IMO, if democrats promise way too much, and go overboard with the promise of open borders and free health care to anyone who can make it to the USA (never mind the gun control and ignoring federal deficit issues), then I think Bloomberg is right, saying this will get Trump four more years.

We need pragmatism…not total socialism.

 Richard Pawlowski, Depoe Bay, Oregon

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