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  • 02/10/2020
  • Reporters Desk

The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Trees Committee asks you to take action before Feb. 24.

Sidewalk repair program Draft EIR

A sidewalk repair program (SRP) called Safe Sidewalks LA began three years ago. This resulted in the removal of hundreds of large trees, although an environmental impact report (EIR) had not been prepared. On Dec. 26, 2019, the Sidewalk Repair Program Draft EIR was finally released. Click here to see the report

The NCSA Trees Committee has serious concerns that the report ignores the City’s own biodiversity goals and its Dudek report, which cites tree preservation as critical for the health of our city and its inhabitants.

We all want our sidewalks repaired, but not at the cost of our urban tree canopy.

The good news is that alternatives to tree-removal exist.

Please take action and request a 60-day extension. To find out how, please go to

Call your city council office and the Mayor – urge them to shift the City’s outdated practices to a modern, ecologically-centered approach that uses sustainable methods and aligns with the public’s growing demand for a healthy, leafy, green city.

Attend public input meetings for the EIR to make your opinions heard.

Submit a written comment about the program.

Protect your community and the environment by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors.

Put this issue on the Agenda this for your neighborhood council meeting. A sample motion is included (attached). If you need more time for your neighborhood council to get this done, send a request to extend the public comment period to Shilpa Gupta at (See sample email letter on the NCSA Website Trees section)

Please rally people to attend SRP Draft EIR scoping meetings. Make your opinions heard. Ask for changes.

February 13, 2020, 6 pm8 pm
Normandale Recreation Center
22400 S Halldale Ave, Torrance

February 15, 2020, 10 am12 pm
Robert Louis Stevenson Branch Library
803 S Spence St, Los Angeles

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