• Wasting Food: There’s No Excuse Anymore

    By Joshua Samuel, Editorial Intern We love to say we hate waste: we hate to waste time; we hate to waste energy; we really hate to waste money.  Yet, produce that is less than perfect often won’t even make it to grocery store shelves. The Natural Resources Defense Council found that 40 percent of

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  • Random Letters — 12/5/19

    Here’s a Story Idea: How a Church Snuck a Cell Tower Under Our Nose

    I have a story idea about an important public safety issue impacting the health and wellbeing of children and adults — not only here in San Pedro, but across Los Angeles. There is a cell site located in the bell tower of First Presbyterian Church a

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  • Christensen Science Center Holds Open House

    By Hunter Chase, Reporter The Vic and Bonnie Christensen Science Center, a longtime destination for field trips by Harbor Area students, held a soft reopening and open house on Nov. 21, which revealed a major change in its focus — from animals to plants. Rather than chickens, goats, a pig and a Shetlan

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