Fatal Shooting at San Pedro House Party

Fatal Shooting at a San Pedro House Party

  • 11/27/2019
  • Raphael Richardson

SAN PEDRO – One man is dead and two others are in the hospital after a shooting at a party in San Pedro, on Nov. 26.

LAPD officials state that at around 11:15 p.m., officers responded to reports of a shooting at a party on Meyler Street and 18th Street. Upon arrival, officers located at three victims with gunshot wounds spread out between 17th St and 19th St. Two females were shot and transported in stable condition, while a male who was shot in the chest was declared dead at the hospital.

Fatal shooting at San Pedro house party on Nov. 26.

Fatal shooting at San Pedro house party on Nov. 26. Pictured is blood splatter at the scene of the shooting. Photos by Raphael Richardson

A witness stated off-camera that he was walking with a group of friends at the when a gunman opened fire on them, forcing them to flee. Police state that the gunman is described as a male Hispanic, who was on-foot during the shooting and fled the scene.

The shooting is not believed to be gang-related. Police are still searching for the shooter.

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