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  • 10/11/2019
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Little Italy Farce

I would think that we could depend on you and RLN at the very least to question the proposed historic Little Italy project given the amount of resistance the community has demonstrated but your paper has been silent. If BuscaiNO wants to create an ethnic Disneyland that’s one thing, but to claim it’s historic is irresponsible and reminiscent of the whitewashing of history coming out of the White House. On what evidence does he claim that the majority of the area was Italian? Most Pedrans know Vinegar Hill as an old Italian neighborhood but 6th Street? Who was consulted to verify his claims? What’s even more troubling is that the whole project was rubber stamped by the other members of the Clowncil without any input from residents.

Let me get this straight, a former cop with no schooling in history that I am aware of  is suddenly anointed to rewrite ours? I’m disgusted.

Enrique 90731, San Pedro


I haven’t been silent. And so far seem to be the only one to publicly question this rewriting of Pedro history. I was even accused of being “anti-Italian” recently because some people don’t get that my critique is about the historic accuracy and lack of public process that you indicate.

This project like the rush to demolish Ports O’ Call and the placement of the Bridge Home location is not about Buscaino’s ethnicity it is about his lack of community engagement and circumventing Neighborhood councils, relying on manufactured support from certain business groups.

James Preston Allen, Publisher

Buried Together

I wrote a poem that I would like to share with my community through Random Lengths…

Punch, stab, kill are adjectives to describe the way I feel.

Run, hide, flee are rhymes that come in three. 

Here, there or somewhere are all places that I can be. 

Past, Present, Future are all the places that I may visit.

Fact, fiction and make believe all make for a good story.

Wake up, fall asleep or Day dream your days away.

Happy, Sad, or just feeling a tinge of melancholy

Fly in an airplane, take a cruise-ship or go for a walk.

Keep silent, careless whisper, or should I shout on a street corner.

The Atheist, The believer And The Agnostic are all buried next to each other!

Paris Thomas, San Pedro

Robert Scheer Fan

I was happy to see the article (RLN Sept. 26- Oct. 9, 2019) about the Robert Scheer documentary.

I am about a decade younger than Scheer and have followed his works from Ramparts days. I also was able to hear two public speeches by Scheer, in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

As noted, he ran for a Congressional seat in Oakland-Berkeley area in 1966 but was “soundly defeated.”  With oppo-sition to the Vietnam War as his main issues. This 30 year old who had never held public office obtained about 43 to 44 percent against an incumbent Demoractic Congressman.

It was considered an impressive achievement which showed growing opposition to the Vietnam adventure.

In 1970, Bob ran for the U.S. Senate as the nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party. He did not do as well as in 1966 but this gave him an opportunity to speak out against the was and to advance other issues.

Don Delano, Los Angeles

Reactions on Formal Impeachment of Mr. Trump

Rep. Adam Schiffm, (D-CA 28th District), Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

In the middle of talking to reporters about the shocking revelation that President Trump pressured Ukraine to make up dirt on Joe Biden, I was told President Trump had once again attacked me.

When asked how it felt for the President to be live-tweeting attacks against me at that very moment, I simply replied that I’m always flattered when I’m attacked by someone of the president’s character. Well, I guess the President didn’t like that, because not even ten minutes later, the president went on live television to rail against me some more.

“It’s Adam Schiff and his crew making up stories and sitting there like pious, it’s a disgrace.”

And under an hour ago (Sept. 26), yet another attack on Twitter:

Not only did the president spend his afternoon attacking me, but he called our free press “scum” and threatened the whistleblower who made the complaint.

Clearly, the man in unraveling. All I have to say is, we’ll get to the truth. We’ll keep up the fight. And we’ll hold him accountable, no matter what he has to say about it. The Mueller Report made it clear, the reporting on Ukraine this past week made it clear, and now Trump himself has made it clear — the time for impeachment has come. The president has replaced foreign policy and diplomacy with corruption and extortion, and it’s endangering the future of our democracy.

Sen. Kamala Harris, (D-CA)

It’s been a long and busy, but productive week.

On Thursday, I sent a letter to Steve Linick, Inspector General for the Department of State, demanding he investigate whether any Department of State officials worked with President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to advance President Trump’s political activities.

An Aug. 12, 2019 complaint by an Intelligence Community whistleblower details the multiple efforts by President Trump and Mr. Giuliani to pressure Ukrainian officials to provide information to damage a political opponent and boost the president’s political prospects. These efforts are an abuse of the power of the presidency and a threat to the integrity of our democratic government.

Let’s be clear about one thing. President Trump is a lawless president. His administration reeks of corruption. It reeks of self-service.

If any officials at the State Department worked with Rudy Giuliani to advance Trump’s political activities, then the American people need to know about it. That’s why I’m demanding the State Department’s Inspector General opened an investigation. We must continue to seek the truth — our democracy depends on it.

Rep. Alan Lowenthal, (D-CA 47th District)

One of my Constitutional duties as a member of Congress is to ensure that a president is held accountable to the people and to the law. It is time to hold this president accountable.

From the day he took office, Trump has put personal profit and his own self interests over the needs of the American people. He has established a clear record of unconstitutional behavior, and this latest attempt to extort Ukraine, as well as the administration’s efforts to cover up that fact, elevate his actions to high crimes and misdemeanors. Because of this, I will be voting for articles of impeachment.

This is going to make my opponents angry. It will draw attacks from special interests. But it is the right thing to do, and I am proud to put the needs of our country first. It’s time to get our country back on track.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

An overarching theme coming out of the White House this week has been Trump’s persistent weaponizing of our government to attack his political opponents.

The Director of National Intelligence, the Justice Department, the EPA … all being used to attack those that stand in his way.

It began with the White House’s constant failure on climate action that forced our state to step up and course correct — leading with activists, governors, even the automobile industry for innovative solutions to set our own standards and protect our air.

Then, Trump gutted our environmental protections last week to roadblock strengthening our economy and protecting the health of our communities. So, we sued.

Now, Trump’s EPA is threatening to take millions in funding away from our state. All because we’re winning in Trump’s war on climate. California trumped Trump and he can’t stand it. No matter how many attacks come from this Administration on California, we will always defend our values — no matter what.

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