Random Letters: 8-22-19

  • 08/22/2019
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Notice of Passing

It is with a very heavy heart that we share the sad news of the passing of our beloved board member and brother Mr. Caney Arnold. Our sincere condolences to his wife, your board member, and our sister Mrs. Lori Bordenave-Arnold, his mother-in-law Alice, daughter Ariana, son CJ and his five-year-old grandson Anthony. Caney was engaged, thoughtful, and courageous community member and leader. His work on the board and in the region continuously strived to uphold the principles of openness, transparency, and inclusiveness. His legacy will live on.

“Caney’s passing is a personal loss, however, more importantly, a loss for the community. He was a person of integrity and high moral standards. He will be missed. Keep him and his family in your thoughts,” said Raymond Regalado, Commissioner, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.

In memory of Caney, please think about all of the good stories and photos of Caney and share with each other and the community.

Octaviano Rios, Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment, City of LA

From the Underground Letters

The Mayor is a lost cause. He doesn’t need San Pedro politically and we can expect the same treatment we have been receiving from his office since he was elected. It’s been rumored and all but formally announced that our councilman Joe Buscaino is going to campaign for Mayor in the future. It’s possible that he will need the support of his home town to be elected mayor.  Unfortunately, for Mr. Buscaino, through his ultra liberal turnabout once he became elected, there is a large percentage of our community that would rather see anyone but he become our mayor. Apparently, after four years, all of your  daily messages have fallen on deaf ears. Nothing has been done at a local level to address this problem and just about everyone would agree it has gotten worse.  It would be a good time to start a “NO on JOE” campaign so that he fully understands the consequences for allowing downtown San Pedro to turn in to a toilet.

Fred Di Bernardo, San Pedro

A Response

So good to hear common sense citizen leadership, in an economically devastated California coastline town.  We so desperately need citizens to rise up!

Joe (and his betrayals), must thoroughly and finally be REJECTED by the Community. A Community that  has ‘gone to Hell’ in his hands… Freddie, Harbor Area voters must “REJECT JOE” for a much greater reason than just teaching him a lesson, a lesson that he will never learn . We must “REJECT JOE” to end the bitter and vicious cycle of San Pedro being sold-out by the Council Office as a SOCIAL-SERVICE & INDUSTRIAL DUMPING GROUND, for LACity, and LA County…

“REJECT JOE” so ALL others will see that we will no longer promote civic failures.  Maybe then, we will start working our way out of this humiliating hole they have thrown us all into … we need leadership that serves,  instead of destroys…

Our COUNCILMEN sell-out our futures, for the sake of their ‘own’ political futures… who have they served?  PLEASE, LOOK AT THE DEVASTATION IN OUR TOWN, just over the last decade! Especially in view of the fact that Joe entered office promising 20 thousand new jobs, major corporate hotels and commercial corporate investment, to build out the BtoB , and the development of a “WORLD CLASS WATERFRONT” !

So, where is it? To gain office, Joe made promises that he never intended to keep. He had me fooled ­ but NOW, how can we reward such public failures?

When Joe took office, all of the elements were already fought for and completely in place to enable the building out of the Bridge to the Breakwater Plan. The EIR was unanimously passed in 2009 to reclaim the commercial potential of ‘our’ West Channel WATERFRONT.

A whole two miles of the B to B Promenade was already built and completed!

How much of the Promenade has been completed in the last decade (Joe’s tenure)?  Answer: two blocks — the DOWNTOWN HARBOR!

After a decade (2000 to 2010) of community efforts, WE neatly placed the Ball on the tee, and Joe has hacked and missed on every swing. The terrible (pro-poverty) choices Joe has made, have actually condemned the Waterfront to its present ‘monolithic’ Industrialized Use, and to the minuscule ‘monoculture’ of Commercial Use. Joe squandered, and trashed the opportunity of the century for the economic health of the City’s SeaSideSoul — SAN PEDRO!

We remain, the only Slum by the Sea in this State – and SP is housed within the wealthiest Port in the Western Hemisphere.

As our leader, JOE is responsible for this terrible reality.  He became a true Divider! For he has made the divide between the Port’s Dominating Industrialized Power — and our Historic SeaSide Community’s  economic and social failures, greater and deeper than ever before …

What a shame, and what a penalty to San Pedro and its people!

 John Papadakis, Rancho Palos Verdes

On Medicare for All

Medicare will not solve problems; it won’t lower costs.

Health insurance itself drives costs upward, because patients don’t need to shop around for the least expensive medical services.

My insurance has an annual allotment that must be used, or it’s lost. This drives expenses up, as we go to doctors to spend the insurance money.

However, Medical costs usually go down when not covered by insurance. For example, LASIK eye surgery was not covered by my insurance, so I shopped doctors, compared prices and negotiated a price that was half of the first quote. Another example: dental implant costs are lowering, as dentists compete.

Prices for these services decline when insurance is not involved, because clients shop for the best price.

The free market system is best for lowering prices, not blanket government insurance.

Also, Consider standing in line at the DMV, the US Post Office, the Social Security office; government health care will be similar.

Robert Gregory, Torrance

Dear Mr. Gregory,

I disagree with your premise that everything costs less in a “free market.” The mistake you are making is thinking that the big pharmaceutical and healthcare providers are not manipulating the marketplace as it is and will continue to do so without government involvement. The two best things about the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was the mandatory coverage of preexisting conditions and extending dependent coverage until age 26.  Neither of those two things would have happened without government mandate.

The significance of Medicare for All as outlined by Bernie Sanders is that you could take your coverage to any doctor or clinic of your choosing, not as is currently done, to an HMO with fewer choices.  As it is Medicare and Social Security are the two most popular government programs and have done the most good for the greatest number of people.  As for the US Post Office it’s the only agency listed in the US Constitution.

James Preston Allen, Publisher

Notes From Congress

There has been a lot of unserious political talk about the investigation we are leading in the Judiciary Committee regarding President Trump. I want to be clear about two things:

1) This isn’t about political game playing at all. Our investigation is about protecting American democracy and the idea that no person — not even the president — is above the law.

2) We have begun an impeachment investigation. Depending on how our proceedings go, we will — as soon as possible — decide whether the evidence requires us to send articles of impeachment to the House floor.

The bottom line is this. Our investigation is under attack from its subject, President Trump, Fox News and the rest of the right-wing propaganda machine.

We need millions of signatures to prove that our democracy is stronger than their authoritarian politics of hatred and division.

Thank you for standing up for American democracy.

Jerry Nadler, United States Congress NY, Chair of the Judicial Oversight Committee

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