25th and Western: Destination Dishes

  • 07/30/2019
  • Reporters Desk

By Gretchen Williams, Travel and Cuisine Writer

A wise person once said, “If you can’t buy it at 25th and Western, you don’t need it,” and that is true, at least close to dinnertime. The restaurants at South Shores make summertime dining easy and delicious.  The wind picks up there in the afternoon, brisk and refreshing. Keep your cool and pick up specialties from different corners of the world to build an easy meal around.

Sirinat Thai

Thailand is the original source of a fantastic and unusual green papaya salad.  Ripe papaya is a delightful juicy fruit, sweet and tropical.  The Thai green papaya salad is made from the same fruit, but in its green or unripe stage, it is crunchy and not sweet, somewhere between cucumber and jicama in texture.  Sirinat Thai makes a splendid salad with shredded green papaya, shrimp, haricot vert (green beans), tomatoes, lettuce and bean sprouts, dressed with a fascinating sauce with a bit of heat, a bit of tart, a bit of salt — altogether wonderful — and sprinkled with finely chopped peanuts.  This salad is a natural with grilled meats or fish.

Sirinat Thai • 1627 W. 25th St., San Pedro • 310-832-5678

South Shores Meat Market

South Shores Meat Market is well known for the finest quality cuts of meats, fish and ethnic specialties.  Darko and his gang of good looking butchers provide great service and their attention to detail is obvious in the prize winning Croatian sausage cevapcici.  Thought to be handed down from the ancient Turks, the ground beef and pork recipe yields lovely skinless sausage links, meant for grilling.  The original cevapcici is served with tangy red bell pepper sauce, though Darko does not mind if children like them with ketchup. Check out terrific ethnic groceries and the deli counter while you are there.

South Shores Meat Market • 2308 S. Western Ave., San Pedro • 310-831-0044

Sorrento’s Pizza

Sorrento’s Pizza is legendary in our port city, turning out the best pizza and pasta for over 50 years.  The enticing aroma of garlic, basil and tomatoes wafts gently over 25th and Western each afternoon, blessing the intersection as well as Little Sisters of the Poor home up the hill.  Put some water on to boil and grate a little parmesan, for Sorrento’s marinara sauce is about to make your kitchen feel like Sophia Loren has come to visit and stayed to cook dinner.  Order marinara sauce without meat, or try the rich and flavorful Bolognese — meaty and hearty.

Sorrento’s Pizza • 2428 S. Western Ave. San Pedro • 310-832-2820


Pronto’s knows that Taco Tuesday is the best day of the week, and Tuesday can be any day if tacos are involved.  Have a taco party at home with the piquant help of Pronto’s rico salsas.  Everyone has a favorite salsa and Pronto’s has a salsa for everybody, from the mild fresh pico de gallo, crunchy with onions and tomatoes, accented with cilantro, to the “mucho macho,” cooked salsa made for the fire-breathing dragon at your house.  Don’t miss the escabeche carrots for a zingy addition!  Salsas, black or pinto beans or rice can all be ordered by the pint to take home Tuesday or any day.

Pronto’s • 2420 S. Western Ave., San Pedro • 310-832-4471

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