Random Letters 3-7-19 — Lowenthal Call to Action; Tackling The Illness, Not Just the Symptom

  • 03/08/2019
  • RL Intern

Lowenthal Call to Action

The White House is launching a new attack on our efforts to address climate change. Rather than treating global warming like the crisis it is, Trump is assembling a team of climate deniers to publish a report saying climate change is a myth.

He’s publishing lies to help him avoid the facts. Climate change is an existential threat, but Trump would rather pretend like it doesn’t exist. My Democratic colleagues and I know that this is a fight for the future, and we plan on doing everything we can to make sure that our future is green. From focusing on alternative energy to raising awareness to paving the way for a Green New Deal, we’re doing everything we can to push the issue in Congress. It’s a fight we can win, but not without your help.

We can’t wait for change any longer — we need to demand it. We need real action on climate change, and we need it now.

I’m ready to stop global warming.

Alan Lowenthal, Congressman (CA-47), Long Beach

Tackling the Illness, Not Just the Symptom

Thanks for constantly reminding the world that President Trump is only a small part of the problem.

I appreciate that you published the letter to the editor in the Jan. 10-23 issue of Random Lengths.
Juan Johnson, Long Beach

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