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  • 02/14/2019
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By Gretchen Williams, Dining and Cuisine Writer

Old Town San Pedro was often foggy and cold, vocal with the sounds of the foghorn and the ships. The fishing slip was full of boats and the coral pink municipal fish dock at the end of the pier was awash with activity. Containers boomed across the Main Channel, loading and discharging a massive verdant vessel. Tugs tooted and locomotives whistled their movements around the harbor.

San Pedro Fish Market Grilles have captured that Old San Pedro feel in three new restaurants around the Harbor Area. The original San Pedro Fish Market has maintained the waterfront atmosphere and emphasis on fresh fish while updating both the menu and the moves. Each branch of the San Pedro Fish Market Grille has a dockside ambiance and a familiar Matson logo betrays the wall’s former life as a 40-foot standard dry.

Choice is the hard part at a San Pedro Fish Market Grille. The World Famous Shrimp Tray is always an outdoor favorite on the Main Channel and is made to share at the Grille as well. Each variety of fish and seafood is available prepared as a grilled plate, with two side dishes — the best deal on the menu. Fish and chips celebrates the U.K. classic in fine style with excellent chips and crispy fish. Try red snapper for the fish or try shrimp as a tender substitute.

Salad is a good choice, even as a side: lovely fresh greens, julienned carrots, red onion, tomato, colorful shreds of bell pepper with cotija cheese and cilantro. Just add any fish for a splendid dish.  The bowl is based on rice, black beans and roasted corn with bell peppers — grilled salmon would be wonderful.

The Latin side of the menu is worth a look — calamari tacos are the next happening, serving crunchy cabbage, onion, tomato and cilantro with the squid and great salsa on fresh grilled corn tortillas.  Burritos for the big boys — get ready for a grilled flour tortilla wrapped lovingly around grilled swordfish, potato, chopped onion, cabbage, cilantro and a three cheese blend with salsa.

Fabulous secrets of the San Pedro Fish Market Grille are being revealed daily. Servers are willing and helpful at figuring out the menu and how to order.  The lobster grilled cheese at $18.99 seems a bit dear, but delivers big time — luscious and over the top, served with a generous green salad.

House-made ceviche is fresh, tart, hot and just the thing to wash down with a beer or michelada. Sides are an amazing and delicious deal, at $3.25 each, from fire-roasted corn, black beans, grilled fajita vegetables, zucchini, grilled potatoes or some of those french fries, and house-made coleslaw or green salad.  Garlic bread would be a nice thing to share over some steaming house-made clam chowder.

Children are going to be delighted with a $4.99 menu including popcorn shrimp, salmon or tilapia, cheese quesadilla or grilled cheese sandwich.  Adults will be similarly thrilled with the market offerings of whole fried fish, shrimp, snow crab clusters, Alaskan king crabs, Maine lobsters and oysters.

San Pedro Fish Market Grille
3 Peninsula Center, Rolling Hills Estates

San Pedro Fish Market Grille
1313 W. Sepulveda Blvd., Harbor City

San Pedro Fish Market Grille
120 W. “G” St., Wilmington

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