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  • 01/11/2019
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On the Value of Truth in an Era of Deceit

I read your latest issue/editorial [“Value of Truth in Era of Deceit” RLn 12/20/18] and your point was well made. It left me wondering about what real truth is anymore and whether or not there is more than just one real truth — and that totally depends on who is doing the believing in the first place. Moreover, separating individual beliefs and truths from individual opinions and facts seems to be more, and more like trying to separate different grains of rice in a global-sized bowl. Damn tough to do. Should we thank or curse technology?

Keep up the fight James, we need your voice and views more than ever.

 Richard Pawlowski, Depoe Bay, Oregon


Thanks for the vote of confidence and skepticism on truth. All I can tell about navigating the truth is that’s it’s a bit like navigating a boat – you can begin with using three points of reference, called triangulation, you can use your North Star and your own moral compass or you can rely on some crazy captain using his own internal radar to wreck the ship. Now some folks don’t seem to have a moral compass, some couldn’t find the North Star in a planetarium and some never learned geometry, but the one thing I’ve learned in business within the past four decades is never follow the guy who says,“Trust me.”

James Preston Allen, Publisher

UTLA Needs Our Support

Jan. 10  is upon us and now more than ever we need to step up and support our brothers and sisters in the UTLA, our teachers and our students. We need to support their bargaining efforts to preserve and provide quality education to all LA students.

The ILWU Southern California District Council is spearheading the ADOPT A SCHOOL program in the cities of San Pedro, Wilmington, Carson, Harbor City and Lomita. ADOPT A SCHOOL means working with the Picket Captains on the strike lines to provide, water, food, bodies to walk the picket line, shuttling folks, etc.

Please contact us to ADOPT A SCHOOL or to get information on how you can support this effort. ilwuscdc@gmail.com.

If you can’t ADOPT A SCHOOL, of course any support is appreciated so contact me to find out how you can help.

Ultimately, supporting UTLA on the picket line is the most important action we can do, so go to any LAUSD school near you and support them starting Jan. 10.

In Solidarity,

Cathy Familathe, President, ILWU SCDC

Late update: The date for a possible strike by UTLA has been moved to Jan. 14.


Rest in Peace Brother Dave Arian

Words cannot come close to describing the grief in our hearts. For me, Dave was a great leader and friend. I could write a book. Look around. How many people are like Dave? Few and far between.

Dave was supportive of my interview and hiring as assistant to the ILWU Coast Committee, ILWU headquarters in 2001.  With my hiring, it was the first time that an LA/Long Beach-born person had held that position, previously only held by San Francisco Bay Area personnel. We worked together on many ILWU Coast subcommittees.

As an example, we put on the first ever International Dockworkers Solidarity Con- ference (uniting ITF and IDC dockworkers worldwide) in 2001, shoring up support prior to our coast contract bargaining in 2002.

Dave was all about educating and organizing the rank and file believing whole heartedly in a “bottom up” union led by the will of the members. For many, many years, through his nonprofit Harry Bridges Institute (HBI), he organized annual luncheons to recognize and appreciate the women and men of  labor, not just ILWU members, but all unions were welcomed to participate. Who does that? Who will do that in the future? I don’t know anybody at this time.

Let’s learn from Dave Arian and do our best to emulate Dave’s leadership and selfless principles and global vision. Dave, as a good friend, you were there at my family’s CPA firm ribbon cutting when we launched our firm in Redondo Beach.  What a friend!  And, possessing the mark of a good leader, you always listened to anybody approaching you with questions or concerns; you never belittled them. You valued their input, irrespective of whether you agreed or not.

I could write a lot more, but space is limited. We will miss you Dave. Thanks for giving many of us vision and a template for leadership.  Rest in peace.

Robert A. Maynez

Director of Contract Administration & Arbitration, ILWU Local 63

Republicans and Trump

Let’s look back at what Congressional Republicans and President Trump threw at us in the past 12 months:

Relentless attacks on the Affordable Care Act in Congress and the Courts, threatening the healthcare of tens of millions of Americans and patients with preexisting conditions;

The cruel family separation policy that ripped thousands of infants and children from their parents at the southern border;

A massive rollback of environmental protections and complete disregard for action on climate change (or even admission that it’s real);

And a constant and unrelenting assault on the rule of law, law enforcement and our justice system, all in a feverish zeal to protect Trump at all costs.

As you read this, we’re in Day 6 of a government shutdown, as the President desperately tries to obtain $5 billion for his wasteful wall, after two years of Republican control.

While the incompetence of this administration is on full display, the scale of corruption is becoming more clear as well. Cabinet secretary after secretary have been forced to resign in the wake of scandals. Dozens of charges have been made against Russians and close Trump associates, and multiple guilty pleas obtained. And all the while, the President decries the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt!”

Looking back, it’s easy to feel angry or dismayed about what we’ve had to fight in 2018. But we can’t forget what we fought for — healthcare for every American, women’s rights, dignity for immigrants, and accountability.

And thanks to your hard work to successfully take back the House in November, I know we won’t just resist Trump and the GOP’s harmful agenda in 2019. We will fight for progress, like strengthening voting rights, working towards Medicare for All, and finally doing our job of providing real oversight over this unethical administration.

We couldn’t have flipped Congress and resisted the worst impulses of this chaotic President and his party without your support this year. With your support, I know that our country will put this dark chapter behind us.

Congressman Adam Schiff, 28th District

Candidacy Announcement

I wanted you to be one of the first to know: I have officially launched my campaign for the nomination to Los Angeles City Council representing the 10th District. I am sensitive to voters who ask, “Why do politicians keep asking for more money for housing without explaining what happened to the money we gave the government yesterday?”

I am asking you to join me in my campaign to continue to: aggressively advocate con- stitutional, individual and equal rights; seek an elected Metro board; support increased benefits and training for police, teachers, seniors, and veterans;  maintain 100 percent full and meaningful employment; modify the civil court system by adding evening and weekend hours and eliminating filing fees for individuals; and demand greater government accountability for fair housing and housing services for all citizens, not just for the privileged few.

Juan Johnson, Los Angeles

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