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  • 12/11/2018
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Open Letter to Joe Buscaino

Making homelessness your focus will not cure our seaside sickness.

The economic crisis in San Pedro is the community killer. By civic design, ‘our’ Waterfront, which is our greatest economic resource, works only for the few, not the many. This myopic (status quo) devotion to industrial cargo, has killed the commercial, residential and recreational industries. Our lack of community commerce  gives our streets over to crime, poverty, drug addiction, homelessness and violence. No businesses. No jobs. No ‘life.’ No future!

Who cares to maintain order when there is nothing privately invested?

If we were to eliminate every derelict, bum, homeless, vagrant (whatever) from our landscape, we would still be a community of descending decay! Because there is NO “safety,” “health,” “quality of life”— “future.”

LA’s number one business is tourism, and we are a seaside with next to nothing to offer. What do we attract, that is above the poverty line? We only attract human problems…

Our ‘sell-out’ leaders use SP as a dirty stepping stone for their own political futures — and as long as folks (who know better) protect their deceit, we all suffer.

Fine that you finally agree that our leaders have miserably and deceitfully,  failed. Then, why keep forgiving/re-electing them so that they may steal more of your present and your future? Why pay them to condemn your Community?

How bad does it have to get before you all address the real source of our one-of-a-kind California seaside slum? Who will be left to defend our mutual public interest?

John Papadakis

San Pedro

A Word from the LA City Council President       

I wanted you to be one of the first to know: today I have officially launched my campaign for Los Angeles County Supervisor representing the 2nd District. After discussing with my wife, Fabian, and our sons, we are excited to continue the progress we have begun in my time in the Assembly and Los Angeles City Council.

I am asking you to join me in these early stages of my campaign because you know where I stand. I have always prioritized making Los Angeles a better place to live, work and raise a family. And you know as well as anybody that I will continue this work in the Supervisor’s office.

Herb Wesson,

President of the LA City Council

Gun Violence and Safety

Gun violence is at unacceptable levels and needs to be addressed. A reasonable place to start to try and minimize gun violence is gun safety. Gun safety is acceptable to most gun owners. Gun safety does not take anyone’s guns, so the 2A people cannot object on that ground.

Gun safety should require that every gun owner attend safety classes yearly. The classes should include shooting the weapon. Weapons are like itches that need to be scratched. People need to shoot them to alleviate the itch. It’s also a way for them to blow off steam, which can divert them from violence.

The classes should also include anger management. People need to be trained how to recognize theirs and others’ unsafe symptoms, coping skills and where to locate options to deal with stress.

Every bullet and gun barrel should have a crisis center’s 800 phone number on them. This may prompt someone to look for an outlet other than shooting someone. Also, all gun owners should have an anger management app on their mobile phones that will let them know they have options on how to alleviate stress.

John Henrichs
San Pedro

Mr. Henrichs,

At the very least there should be as much training to operate a gun as there is to drive a car, with annual registration and licensing. One might ask, “at what age should a gun license be restricted?”

James Preston Allen, Publisher

Season of Gratitude

Thank you “ALL” for giving me my spiritual life back. I asked God to use me. He told me what my gift was through song I heard on the radio. Hood family ministry, Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year. Riders come out and ride for Jesus.

Annette Cabrera Aguilar
San Pedro

Student Letters

Editor’s note: In the past few weeks, Random Lengths News received a group of Letters to the Editor from the students of San Pedro High School English teacher Michael Kurdyla. Reading through the letters, the students did an admirable job following their teacher’s instruction to read and critique stories that piqued their interest. We will be select a few of the letters for print while posting the remainder online.

RE: “You Came Here to Suffer”

I am a freshman here at San Pedro Olguin High School. Your article personally inspired me and touched my heart. It is very important to spread the message of immigration. It is especially important that people understand the suffering that immigrants go through on a daily basis. Immigrants are being treated like animals! Doing hard labor in the sizzling sun under pressure is unfair. Instead of letting them take breaks, they work non-stop. Doesn’t the constitution state that all men are equal? Then why aren’t we all treated the same? We’re all human. We all work hard and strive everyday to live. We all breathe the same air and have feelings.Immigrants shouldn’t be treated this way based on where they’re from. It’s cruel and depressing,

Kailee Murillo

San Pedro High School

A Monument for Jim Gladson

I am a freshman at San Pedro High School. After reading the Random Lengths article, School is Where the Kids Are, written by Mark L. Friedman talking about who Jim Gladson was and the funeral recently held for him, it made me realize what a great person he was.

He founded the Los Angeles Maritime Institute Topsail Youth program. This is program  takes many students from the Los Angeles Unified School District and other school districts around San Pedro, teaching them about sailing and the marine environment. I was lucky enough to be a part of this program, it was a wonderful learning experience for me and all of my peers.

He started this program when he saw the positive effect sailing had on students. Even students with learning disabilities. Instead of giving up on them, Gladson took them out sailing and changed their lives.

The title of this article was one of Jim’s famous quotes. Gladson was irrepressible. When he had a goal in mind, he went for it and there was no stopping him. In 2010 he received the lifetime achievement award for “A Lifetime of Dedication to Sail Training.”

I believe it is crucial to recognize what a great person he was. Gladson, like many people, was very interested in making sure he could do everything he could for people. He linked helping out students with sailing and everyone thought it was a great idea.

I think that somewhere in San Pedro there should be a monument or memorial in honor of Jim Gladson. He did so much good for the students of San Pedro and in the article, it only states that everyone posthumously remembers Gladson as a good person. By the author stating this, he is persuading everyone to believe what a great person Jim Gladson was. I do believe he was a great person, and in conclusion, I think somewhere in San Pedro there should be a monument named after him because of everything he has done for our community.

Giovanna Sinay

San Pedro High School

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