• 11/07/2016
  • Terelle Jerricks

“A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but make people mad enough to do something about it.” Mark Twain

Published every two weeks for the Harbor Area communities of San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes, Lomita , Harbor City, Wilmington, Carson, and Long Beach, Random Lengths is distributed at more than 350 locations throughout the region.

Publisher/Executive Editor
James Preston Allen

Assoc. Publisher/Production Coordinator
Suzanne Matsumiya

Managing Editor
Terelle Jerricks

Assistant Editor
Melina Paris

Senior Editor
Paul Rosenberg

Zamna Avila
Lyn Jensen
Christian Guzman
Richard Foss
Andrea Serna

Advertising Representative
Justin Shahian
Brenda Lopez

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  • John H Winkler

    Trump has a plan for Forest Management
    Last Saturday (11/17/18), Chris Wallace of fox News interviewed President Trump, which turned into lies and more crazy statements. Trump was upset with the lack of Forest Management in California, as he threatened to withhold federal payments to the State. In the interview, Trump shed some light on how California should manage its forest lands in the arid West.
    “We’ve got to take care of the floors, you know, the floors of the forest. It’s very important to rake the floors of the forest”, the president said.
    Trump had been talking with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto on a previous occasion and was baffled to learn of this conversation to the press. It was not what they discussed, as leaf raking had not entered the conversation.
    It should be noted that Trump was not justified in his anger with California, as he should look in the mirror at himself. 50% of California forest lands are the U.S. government and it is their responsibility to provide Forest Management, as the President is not putting into practice what he preaches.

    • 12:38 pm - 11/20/2018

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  • J. McVey

    In the article titled “Town’s Public Artists Dive Into Renaissance” by Melina Paris the number of artists residing in San Pedro is incorrect. It mentions three when actually there is four. Regina Argentin was left out of this article. She painted the electrical box between 7th & 8th on Gaffey. It’s the one everyone loves with the winged ice-cream cones. I’m a collector of her work and have a few paintings throughout my home. Please rectify this blatant error and do an interview with her for Random Lengths. She’s an important artist who has done (and continues to do) significant, exciting and amazing artwork and has been a resident of San Pedro for years.

    • 11:59 pm - 01/02/2019

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  • John H Winkler

    Mueller Report
    The Mueller report was left up for Congress to see if there was any criminal crimes committed by the Trump Administration. Attorney General William Barr has been criticized for acting as an attorney for the President as he summarized the report of 400 pages into 4 pages and gave the President a free pass. It was unquestionable that there was unethical, immoral, dishonest and unpatriotic activity by Trump and his staff in which he disregarded the spirit of the law. This investigation was not a witch-hunt because six of Trumps campaign staff went to prison for crimes because of the investigation.
    The American people have been manipulated with outrageous lies since the beginning of Trump’s election in which Trump has been dishonest and unethical to the American people. Trump is using lies as mass deception to compromise our moral and ethical values and is a threat to our quality of life. Americans should be concerned that they are being manipulated and his supporters seem to be more close-minded, more angry and defensive than ever.

    • 11:36 am - 04/19/2019

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  • Robin Doyno

    To the Editor:

    Re: Julian Asange and U.S. Overreach

    After the Espionage Act charges leveled at JUlian Assange, our Justice Department has signaled the absolute contempt for the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    The question in my mind is who of us will stand in the way if and when government overreach comes after Suzanne Matsumita, James Allen, Paul Rosenberg and Terelle Jenks.

    We cannot let this dark period be normalized. Our country, lives and freedoms are under attack.

    • 4:04 pm - 05/25/2019

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  • Kim Kaufman

    Here’s some more current information:

    KPFK and Pacifica: Update 2019

    • 8:15 pm - 08/31/2019

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  • Kim Kaufman

    Re: KPFK-90.7 FM at 60: Milestones on the Path of Progressive Radio

    1. Carlin’s monologue was, rather famously, broadcast over KPFK’s sister station, WBAI. From a lawyer:

    “KPFK’s broadcasting these words led to a U.S. Supreme Court decision in FCC v. Pacifica”

    I don’t know who wrote that history, but the KPFK part of it is wrong. The broadcast was on WBAI, a man driving in the area with his son (I think 4 years old) heard it and complained to the FCC. Normally these things are handled with a fine or a warning. Someone in Washington, if I remember right, in the FCC itself wanted to attack WBAIs license, and grabbed onto that minor complaint. So they threatened the license and the case went to the Supreme court. The result was that the FCC only allowed broadcast of the seven words, and words like them between 11 pm and 6 am, under the cure theory that children were not listening to the radio during those hours.

    2. 1963 — KPFK runs the very first Renaissance Faire as a fundraiser.

    A couple who lived in Laurel Canyon, the Pattersons, started it and did all the work with some of their friends, some of whom I knew (now mostly deceased). They were fans of KPFK and made it a fundraiser for KPFK, in exchange for KPFK promoting it on the radio. After a couple of years, KPFK got greedy and wanted ownership. KPFK and the Pattersons parted ways with the Pattersons continuing to produce it and KPFK losing out on a large source of revenue. It’s documented in the book “Well Met: Renaissance Faires and the American Counterculture”

    3. I can’t imagine why anyone thinks those lawsuits, the so-called “new listener-sponsor-accountability structure,” losing Democracy Now and Pacifica’s National News are things to brag about. Pacifica has only gone declined under a series of know-nothing listener board members micromanaging everything. Pacifica is insolvent and irrelevant with a bunch of amateurs running the place, having just fired a professional Executive Director with 30 years of public radio experience. Pacifica has no CFO and there have been no financial reports in almost two years, their last audit (only a year late to the CA AG) basically said the organization’s books are too messed up to audit.

    For more current information on what is really going on, find “KPFK and Pacifica: Update 2019” on

    Kim Kaufman

    • 12:38 pm - 09/01/2019

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  • Emmanuel Chukwudiezia Okosisi

    Petition to PASS ALL CSUDH STUDENTS with an A Letter Grade. Please sign & share! Let us get thousands of supporters so this will at least be considered!

    • 4:04 pm - 03/20/2020

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