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  • 11/07/2016
  • Terelle Jerricks

Where can I find the hard copy of the newspaper.

How do I renew, cancel, or update my subscription?
Send email to

What is Random Lengths News’ address and phone number?
1300 S Pacific Ave
San Pedro, Ca 90731

(310) 519-1016
(310) 519-1442

How do I submit a letter to the Editor?

I’m looking for an article that was in a recent issue of Random Lengths and can’t find it on your website. Aren’t all recent articles available on your website?
Not all articles published in the print edition appear on our website. You can find the print edition in its totality on our issuu page.

Where can I find an article that appeared in RLn many years ago?
Random Lengths was founded in 1979, but our online archives only go back to 2012. For anything further, call editorial staff at (310) 519-1016.

How can I order back issues of Random Lengths News?
Call (310) 519-1016

How do I submit a story for possible publication in Random Lengths News?
Send an email to

How do I get permission to reprint an article that appeared in Random Lengths News?
Send an email to the managing editor at followed by a phone call to (310) 519-1016.

I’d like to contact a RLn contributor. What’s the best way to do so?
Send an email to

How do I renew, cancel, or update my subscription?
To renew or update your subscription, email us at: or call us.

What do I do if my question isn’t answered here?
Contact us at the above phone number, email or mailing address.

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  • Joseph Bianco

    I would like the people who were victims of the 28 day shuffle at the Bonnie Lee Hotel in Wilminton to know i filed a class action lawsuite againts them and to save there receipts. everyone will be awarded damages .. thank you.
    Joseph Bianco

    • 1:35 pm - 07/31/2017

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  • John H Winkler

    In order to bring an end to the Government Shutdown, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) has the power to bring about a closure. Already we are seeing double the TSA absentee from last year. If the TSA workers would conduct a picket strike, this would bring a halt to air transportation and would put pressure on President Trump to end the shutdown and get back to the table in negotiating a plan for immigration and security at the border.

    • 2:50 pm - 01/23/2019

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  • Venessa E.

    What is going on here? There is a viral pandemic and the CDC is recommending everybody stay indoors and at the very least practice “social distancing,” yet there are salsa dancing classes and chat groups and comedy shows advertised on your site. Do you people not get it? Why is RL promoting this unsafe behavior?

    • 3:00 pm - 03/18/2020

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