Rep. Hahn Highlights Benefits of Immigration Reform

  • 07/12/2013
  • Reporters Desk

Janice Hahn (CA-44) recently touted the economic benefits of comprehensive immigration reform for workers, middle class families, and the country as a whole.

A new White House report found that fixing our broken immigration system would create jobs, boost economic growth, reduce deficits, and strengthen Social Security, among a range of other critical markers of progress.

The new report analyzed the immigration reform legislation recently approved by the Senate and detailed how the legislation is expected to promote economic growth in the United States. The reform calls for expedited citizenship for undocumented youth known as DREAMers that will promote higher education and allow them to succeed in the workforce. The legislation also includes new visa provisions to attract foreign entrepreneurs, new policies to facilitate tourism and increased funding for new jobs in Customs and Border Patrol.

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