Murder, Rape Suspect of 1974 Jane Doe to be Arraigned

  • 06/11/2013
  • Reporters Desk

LONG BEACH — Sixty-one-year-old Gary Stamp is scheduled to be arraigned June 12 in connection to the 1974 murder and rape of an unidentified Jane Doe.

Long Beach Police Department arrested Stamp May 20. Police still do not know the identity of the woman known only as Jane Doe #40.

Through a National Institute of Justice “Solving Cold Cases with DNA” grant, Long Beach Police cold case investigators focused their attention on the backlog of unsolved homicides awaiting case review, evidence screening, and potential DNA analysis.  Among the backlog was a young woman who was murdered in May 1974.  The victim, who was found on Alamitos Beach, near Alamitos Avenue and Ocean Boulevard.

Cold case investigators were unable to locate any evidence remaining in the case that could be submitted for DNA analysis, and it appeared the case was destined to return to the cold case shelves.  Troubled that the young woman had remained unidentified for more than 38 years and puzzled that they could not locate a missing persons report which matched Jane Doe #40’s physical description, investigators were compelled to review the case file once again.  However, since the case no longer met the criteria for further investigation under “Solving Cold Cases with DNA” due to the lack of evidence suitable for DNA testing, investigators turned the case over to homicide detectives for further investigation.

Long Beach Homicide Detectives Todd Johnson and Malcolm Evans’ investigation led to the identification and interview of suspect residing in Texas.  The suspect admitted to homicide detectives that he assisted Stamp in the murder of Jane Doe #40 by helping to dispose of her body on Alamitos Beach.  The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will ultimately review his involvement and determine his culpability.

The subsequent investigation, Stamp, who was living in California.  Stamp confessed to killing Jane Doe #40 after raping and strangling her, then disposing of her body on the beach.  The case was submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for review and a warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest.

Stamp could not provide any additional information about the victim’s identity, other than her first name might have been “Anna.” Detectives believe the two men met “Anna” in a bar or on the street in the downtown Long Beach area.

With the assistance of the National Center for the Missing and Exploited Children, a rendering of the victim has been made available and Long Beach Police are hopeful someone can identify Jane Doe #40:

  • Ethnicity – White or Hispanic
  • Age – Estimated late teens to early 20’s
  • Height – 5’2”
  • Weight – 135 pounds
  • Hair – Long brown
  • Eyes – Brown
  • Distinguishing Marks – Scar on top of left hand
  • Possible Name/Nickname – “Anna”
  • Clothing – Two piece pink pantsuit with black waist length faux fur coat and black boots
  • Jewelry – 14k white gold ring with small diamond solitaire

Anyone with any information regarding the identity of Jane Doe #40 is urged to call (562) 570-7244.

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