Sept. 27 Gabriel Johnson Gabriel Johnson will perform, starting 8 p.m. Sept. 27, at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro. Johnson has been very active in the studio scene and has played or recorded with a wide variety of musicians and bands. Cover is $20. Details: (800) 403-3447; Read More

  • San Pedro Tri-Arts Festival Builds Dance Mecca in Los Angeles

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Louise Reichlin is bringing back the San Pedro Tri Arts Festival for its eighth year, on Sept. 27. But after three years since taking the helm of the festival, it’s becoming clearer that she is attempting to turn this festival into vehicle that can add dance to the Los Angeles clout as cultural cente

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  • Twelfth Night Is One Laugh After Another

    [gallery ids="7872,7873,7874,7871"] By John Farrell Twelfth Night is probably Shakespeare's funniest play. Maybe that is because, unlike his other comedies, it is really about nothing in particular. It is just a simple and wholly improbable situation, a mysterious island nation that doesn't (and pretty well co

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  • Richard III: A Challenge Met

    [gallery ids="7861,7862,7860"]

    By John Farrell

    Long Beach Shakespeare Company may be small. Its Richard Goad Theatre up on Atlantic in north Long Beach is really a converted storefront, with parking for the actors in back and a dressing room upstairs. It seats perhaps seventy when over-full. But Long Beach Shakespeare Company's artist

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  • Cantinflas Shows Activism, Humanity, Inspiration of Mexico Icon

    [gallery columns="3"] By Cesar Arredondo, Guest Columnist Mario Moreno, "Cantinflas," is arguably the greatest comedic actor to come out of the Spanish-speaking world. Now a new film, simply titled, Cantinflas, is running at the Cinemark at the Pike in Long Beach. The film paints a multilayered picture of Moreno. It humanizes

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  • All is Now

    By Andrea Serna, Arts and Culture Writer A decade ago, author Ekhart Tolle brought the concept of ‘now’ into popular psychology with his book The Power of Now. Artist Jay McCafferty preceded Tolle with a practice of art that necessitates presence of spirit, focus and mindfulness that would test all but the most dedicated Zen practitioner

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  • Blackbird Takes an Honest Look on Being Black, Gay in the South

    A Long Beach QFilm Festival Feature

    By Viktor Kerney, Guest Columnist Being black and gay is truly living on a prayer. The pressures from family, friends and faith can stretch a closeted youth beyond their limits. That amount of burden on one’s shoulders can either come crashing down or eventually make that person stronger th

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  • Mike Watt: The Musical Sailor On Bass

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher of Random Lengths News It was First Thursday. The workday had ended and the nightlife at San Pedro’s artwalk was just beginning. Lumbering down South Pacific Avenue to Random Lengths in his white econo-van, Mike Watt, at 56, looks more like an old sailor than punk lege

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  • Missing a Beat: A Ten-Point Account of Long Beach Funk Fest

    For the last five years Long Beach Funk Fest has been such a consistent standout in the Summer And Music series (SAM) that this year it ventured away from downtown Long Beach proper and out on its own and into the welcoming arms of the corporation that operates the Queen Mary. On Labor Day the needle dropped on the Sixth Annual Long Bea

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  • RLn THEATER Calendar: Aug. 28, 2014

    Aug. 30 Makin' Wookiee Makin’Wookiee will take place from at 1 p.m. Aug. 30 at Cinemark at the Pike in Long Beach during the Long Beach Indie International film festival. The documentary follows the audition, rehearsals and performance of the musical stage parody of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes

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