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    Charges Filed on Marijuana Collective Robbery Suspect
    LONG BEACH — On April 3, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed three counts of robbery, possession of a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of a concealed firearm against Desmond Pulliam of Long Beach.
    Official said the suspect may have been involved in a robbery of a marijuana collective, March 12, in the 1000 block of Gladys Avenue in Long Beach.
    The collective, in the 1000 block of Redondo Avenue, had received a phone order for delivery of medical marijuana. When the collective employee went to deliver the medical marijuana to the 1000 block of Gladys Avenue, two men approached him. The suspects engaged the employee in a brief conversation. Then, one of the suspects brandished a firearm. A physical fight took place between the employee and the two suspects.  After the fight, the suspects ran from the location, taking the marijuana.
    A similar robbery took place March 26. A collective outside of Long Beach received a phone order for delivery. The employee went to 1300 block of Temple Avenue in Long Beach. A man directed him to the rear of an apartment complex. Once there, another suspect showed up and robbed the employee at gunpoint. The medical marijuana and some personal items were stolen.
    There weren’t any serious injuries and the gun was not fired in either instances.
    On March 31, detectives found and arrested Pulliam, 22. Officials said he had a loaded gun and evidence of the related robberies, as well as items from another robber in the 1300 block of east Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, which was not related to a marijuana collective. (more…)

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  • Cinematic Style Thrives at Art Theatre

    By Andrea Serna, Arts and Culture Writer

    For me, the 90s was a golden age. I discovered foreign films at the Art Theatre of Long Beach.

    The theater contained an odd charm. The seats were torn and the ceiling tiles had a habit of falling on your head. Frequently, there may have only been a handful of brave souls seeking solace in the deserted auditorium. But no matter, you had the satisfaction of spending time in an historic art deco theater watching the finest films on the silver screen.

    During those days the Art Theatre was primarily sustained by the midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror show allowed tenacious theater owner Howard Linn to keep the marquee lights shining on 4th Street. Linn was devoted to the theater and to fine film.

    Today, the old marquee is shining brighter than ever.

    In 2008, a new group of visionaries restored the theater. 4th Street pioneer Kerstin Kansteiner and her husband Jan van Dijs renovated the theater along with the help of other investors.

    A sharp focus on art films brings the promise of many years of fine film in Long Beach. (more…)

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  • Loft Gallery Displays San Pedro Treasures

    By Andrea Serna, Arts and Culture Writer

    Treasures are found everywhere in the part of Los Angeles known as San Pedro.

    The tide pools, at the bottom of the rocky cliffs and hidden inlets, provide endless adventure for treasure hunters. Sunsets viewed from the top of Angels Gate Park can guide you to a state of bliss.

    But local residents also realize that some of the most valuable treasures found in San Pedro are our internationally renowned artists. Beginning April 3, the venerable Loft Gallery presents a new exhibition featuring two of our most treasured artists, Muriel Olguin and Eugene Daub.

    The show is an inspired pairing of two completely dissimilar artists. Each of the artists has brought note and honor to San Pedro. Each has received attention and accolades from across the nation for their work.

    Most recently, Daub distinguished himself as the only San Pedro artist to have a work of art in the statuary hall of the Congress. His noble statue of Rosa Parks was the first to be commissioned for Congress since the statue of Ulysses S. Grant in 1922.

    Muriel Olguin is known as the matriarch of the San Pedro arts. The 90-year-old artist creates fantastical figurative work of animals that reflect her connection to the earth and the ocean, which she developed during her rich life in San Pedro. (more…)

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  • B. Franklin



    By John Farrell

    If he hadn’t been 84 and afflicted by gout and kidney stones, Benjamin Franklin might well have been the first president of the United States.

    Oh yes, and if the people of the new nation could have forgiven his many dalliances with beautiful women, especially in France where he lived for many years. There, he succeeded in getting the upstart American colonies French military assistance when it mattered most.

    Mind you, he’s not apologizing.

    Robert Lesko is B. Franklin, in a one-man show currently at the Stephanie Feury Theatre in Hollywood. He delights in telling the audience, in some detail, of his amours, his “love of the ladies,” all the while taking care of both his gouty leg and his reputation, which he cares about a great deal.

    Lesko looks the part of the 82-year-old Franklin, near the end of his life but still to serve as a part of the convention that brought about the U.S. Constitution. He is in his room, talking to the audience as though they were visitors (and as he notes he loves visitors). (more…)

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  • CORRECTION: Youth Employment Preparation Fair

    The wrong date for Youth Employment Preparation Fair was published on page 2 of the April 4 edition of Random Lengths News.

    The correct date for the event was April 5. We apologize to our readers.

    Random Lengths News continues to strive to bring accurate news and independent journalism to the Harbor Area for more than 30 years.

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  • Ladies Shook the Earth, and then There Was Jazz

    By Melina Paris, Music Columnist

    At about 9 p.m. March 28, the stage at the Seabird Jazz lounge rocked. Then, it rolled, it shook and it moved smoothly.

    The female quartet Lady Jazz was just into their first set, stirring the room with their soulful take on jazz standard, “Autumn Leaves” when an earthquake struck, as if it was an afterthought.

    The audience joined in with jovial commentary on how their music moved this room. The best part, aside from being safe, was we got to hear the song again, happy recipients of a live replay. Not missing a beat they picked it up with gusto.

    This evening the Lady Jazz lineup was comprised of Lindsey Hundley on piano and electronic keys, Sherry Luchette on upright and electric bass, Lauren Kosty on vibes and percussion, and Rivkah Ross on drums.

    With “Autumn Leaves,” they peeled back complex layers of this number. Luchette’s bass was noticeably clear. I took special note of that, as it can sometimes be difficult to hear bass players consistently amidst a quartet. This was a refreshing change. Hundley’s soulful playing alongside the funky bass, a nice touch of congas and softly-tumbling drums made this number speak out loud. At one point Hundley played classical tones on her piano, the number was well paced and elegant. (more…)

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  • Otto Runs on Plan, Vision

    By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor

    Courtesy of Doug Otto for MayorLawyer Doug Otto does not consider himself a politician, though he’s been involved in city government for about 30 years.

    While he has a stronghold within the District 3, where he lives, he believes that he can bring people together more collaboratively as a mayor to develop a new vision for the city, rather than a district councilman.  To him, the mayor has a bully pulpit to offer ideas and lead people in particular directions.

    “The right kind of mayor can have a great influence on people who live in this city,” he said. “I have a long history of running collaborative processes, of bringing people together, working toward a result and achieving that goal.”

    The 65-year-old Long Beach Peninsula resident’s family moved to the city when he was six weeks old.

    After earning his law degree from the University of Chicago, Otto came back to Long Beach, where helped found historic preservation groups.

    In the fall of 2013, after years serving as a Community College Board trustee and several committees within the city such as the Long Beach Planning Commission, Downtown Business and Development Advisory Committee, and the founding board of the Aquarium of the Pacific,Otto decided to run for mayor. (more…)

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  • RLn NEWS of the Week

    Parents Arrested on Suspicion of Infant Murder
    LONG BEACH — On March 31, Long Beach Homicide Detectives, with the assistance of the Fresno Police Department, arrested 32 year-old Nereyda Licon and 28 year-old Joshua Licon, both residents of Fresno.
    The couple was arrested on suspected of murdering 1-month-old infant May 30, 2013.
    Back then, the Long Beach Police Department responded to the 200 block of Pine Avenue because the baby was not breathing.
    The infant was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office investigated the case as a suspicious death.
    The results of the coroner’s investigation revealed the parents were responsible for the death of the infant. On March 27, 2014, The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office issued arrest warrants for both parents, who were at an apartment in Fresno.
    Long Beach detectives transported the Licons to the Long Beach Jail, April 1. They are both being held on $1 million bail.
    New Power Rates Will Save Terminals Millions
    LONG BEACH — A new long-term agreement between the Port of Long Beach and Southern California Edison is expected to save maritime electricity users within the port’s jurisdiction more than $350 million with the 24 years that follow. (more…)

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  • Mayoral Election Fronts Dynasty versus Golden Boy

    By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor

    At a recent mayoral forum, District 5 Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske, who is running for mayor, quipped about her campaign strategy.

    “Actually, I have two secret weapons: One, I’m No. 1 on the ballot and two, I’m changing my name to Gerrie Schipske-Lowenthal,” she said, nonchalantly. “Someone asked the other day… how I was going to do it. By Marriage, so….”

    The joke resonated with the audience.

    For the most part, there has been a Lowenthal — whether by blood or marriage — on the Long Beach City Council since 1992, when now-Rep. Alan Lowenthal sat on the council for six years. Since then, the Lowenthal name has been undefeated in the council and many people assert it now is synonymous with the Democratic establishment. Bonnie Lowenthal now is vying for the city’s mayoral seat.

    While District 70 Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, former wife of Rep. Alan Lowenthal, says that, “The important thing is that someone with the experience and vision needed to lead Long Beach is elected,” and that, “The last name doesn’t matter, but my experience and dedication to the city does,” there might be some validity to the Schipske’s loaded words. (more…)

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  • RLn Upcoming COMMUNITY Events

    April 6
    Henrietta E. Mosely
    The San Pedro Historical Society presents Henrietta E. Mosely as part of their First Sunday Speaker Series. The topic of the talk titled: “History Through a Lighthouse Lens.” Henrietta E. Mosely is the author of the book Point Fermin Lighthouse Families, 1874-1927. The event will take place, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. April 6, at the San Pedro Library’s Community Room.
    Details: sanpedrobayhistoricalsociety.org 
    Venue: San Pedro Library
    Location: 931 S. Gaffey St., San Pedro

    April 8
    David Gerrold Delivers Pat Eliet Memorial Lecture
    The Department of English at California State University, Dominguez Hills will host the annual Patricia Eliet Memorial Lecture featuring science fiction author David Gerrold as the guest speaker, April 8, at 7 p.m. in the Loker Student Union Ballroom.
    The lecture is free and open to the public. (more…)

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