A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but make people mad enough to do something about it.

— Mark Twain


Editorial Staff

Publisher/Executive Editor
James Preston Allen
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Assoc. Publisher/Production Coordinator
Suzanne Matsumiya
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Managing Editor
Terelle Jerricks
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Senior Editor
Paul Rosenberg
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Assistant Editor
Zamná Ávila
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Advertising Staff

Advertising Representative
Richard Hoogs
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Reporters and Columnists

Lyn Jensen
Christian L. Guzman
Kym Cunningham
Andrea Serna
Melina Paris
Gina Ruccione
Richard Foss
Slobodan Dimitrov


Phillip Cook
Jessie Drezner
Robin Doyno


Ann Cleaves
Andy Singer
Matt Wuerker

Editorial Interns

Arlo Tinsman-Konshaug
Liam Lindsay

Published every two weeks for the Harbor Area communities of San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes, Lomita , Harbor City, Wilmington, Carson, and Long Beach, Random Lengths is distributed at more than 350 locations throughout the region.