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Published on March 25th, 2016 | by Reporters Desk


Long Beach Got Humped

By Mike Botica, Editorial Intern

The 11th annual Hump! Film Festival recently returned to Southern California. On its third international tour, the festival will make a pit stop at the Art Theatre in Long Beach, on March 24, with all other showings in Los Angeles.

Hosted by Dan Savage, Hump! featured 22 short films by amateurs of all genders, races and sexualities.  Together, the films were a combination of funny, stupid and intimate. While the films may be uncomfortable for some people, they also pushed audiences to explore their own sexuality and to open themselves to things they otherwise would never consider.  There’s also plenty of references to Mike Huckabee’s infamous book, God, Guns, Grits & Gravy, if you’re into that.

Hysterical Bullshit opened with a woman sitting at a desk, the camera shooting her from the desk up, dressed in a librarian outfit.  Reading passages from God, Guns, Grits & Gravy, she slowly starts breathing heavily, squirming and giggling periodically.  At one point, she clutches the table edges with both hands while reading a passage about The Andy Griffith Show and southerners. She finishes with one last sigh before shutting the book.

The Collector follows Harold, a “normal 31-year-old American” who collects seamen in jars and containers around his house.  His girlfriend is not amused. Some memorably awkward scenes ensue with plenty of pop culture references to go around.

Let’s Try to Fuck parodies old ‘50s educational videos shot in black and white. It follows our protagonist through numerous sexual fantasies. He also shouts out Mike Huckabee’s masterpiece.

2016 HUMP! Teaser from HUMP! Film Festival on Vimeo.

Porn Star of the Year was another comedic video.  The story is about Fuck Rogers, a man who submits a video for “Porn Star of the Year.” The film shows off a bunch of fictional characters reading cheesy porn lines. His porn mustache and smooth line delivery are sure to woo all the ladies.

If you’re a fan of penis puppets, then Film Bonoir has everything you need, including gay role playing and unexpected plot twists.  The tagline reads: “Danger! Excitement! Dicks!”  What more needs to be said?

Orgies Happening Tonight is another comedy short, with a satisfying arc.  It starts with two coworkers talking at the office, when one suggests he get back at his wife by going to an orgy. A cast of strange deviants are met along the way and one character undergoes a serious change of heart.

Video game fans will have a soft spot for Level Up.  The main protagonist has to fight cat-calling bros, predatory surgeons, and three men called “the patriarchy,” with a surprising ending that will be hard to predict.

DICK is a song that may not leave your head if you’re a fan of cheesy ‘80s music videos.  It’s loaded with dated synthesizers, bad outfits, comedic lyrics, and of course, dicks.

Many of the most memorable films this year weren’t comedic.  Some of them were intense portrayals of sexual and self-exploration.

Blown will be hard to forget if you’re not expecting its subject matter.  It may be hard to tell what you are watching for the first few minutes. You probably won’t see many other films this year about transgender men stimulating each other’s clitorises for five minutes.

Some of the films are outrageous.  Cake Boss is a foodie’s fantasy, full of shots of genital egg-beating, chocolate ass-glazing and plenty of fornicating. I Fist a Grrrl is a parody of the Katy Perry smash hit. It’s full of colorful manga costumes and full-on fisting. It also includes an overture about “cunts.”

Audiences surely had something to talk about among their friends and lovers.

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