Food, Fashion and Foolish Fornication

Explore the world with Gina Ruccione. She has lived in almost every nook of Los Angeles County but lives in a castle in Long Beach. She is a cuisine writer, a member of the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association, a comedian and most importantly an animated story teller. When she’s not planning her next great escape out of the country, you can find her hosting one of her monthly pop up dinners.

Manga, Music and Politics

Music and manga reviews take the stage with stories of social and political importance.  The blog includes book, film, concert and music reviews, as well as links to published articles.

Taste with the Eyes

A visual food blog where the image is meant to titillate and inspire the cook – highlighting chefs and restaurants, sharing unique dishes, and inspiring stylish entertainment in the South Bay and beyond.

Wilmington Wire

An aggregate blog that aims to create a better sense of community by sharing news and information about Wilmington

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  1. Tom Bowman says:

    A decision was handed down by a Wisconsin federal court regarding partisan gerrymandering. Is there ANY doubt that this issue is THE reason that the Republicans have taken over 75% of the state legislatures . Yet, nobody is talking about this. Even Bernie is implying that the Democrats need to modify their message to reach their supporters. It is not the message, it is the fact that the Democratic vote has been so diluted that it is impossible for them to get their candidate elected (in the majority of districts).
    have seen no coverage of this issue on any of the television news outlets. Perhaps you fine folks can get the ball rolling.

    Tom Bowman

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