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Published on August 9th, 2013 | by Zamná Ávila


Lieu Pushes Transparency, GPS-Parolee Tracking, Job Creation Laws

SACRAMENTO – With Aug. 12’s resumption of California’s 2013 Senate session, Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance has one month to steer through efforts to enact reforms and create jobs.

Below, in bill-number order, are key bills Lieu will be presenting beginning next week.

This bill would impose significant campaign-finance reforms to strengthen the California Political Reform Act through improved enforcement, increased penalties and greater accountability. SB 2 would also require candidates to “stand by their ad.” Next step: Review by the Assembly Elections Committee on , Aug. 13.

  • SB 49 – School Safety Plans

Worried parents would know if their children’s school has an established emergency-response system under this bipartisan plan that would require each California public school to have a readily accessible safety plan. This bill also requires schools to consider active shooter scenarios in the plan.  Next: Assembly Appropriations is expected to review this by mid-August.

  • SB 50 – Payphone Fairness

Consumers using credit, debit or calling cards for payphones in a pinch – such as stranded holiday travelers, those caught with dead cell phones or troops in transit – would be better protected from fees of up to $20 for 20 seconds under this mandatory-signage disclosure plan on payphones. SB 50 won final bipartisan approval in the Assembly today and is now on its way to the governor.

  • SB 57 – GPS Bracelet Enforcement

This public safety measure would increase penalties for convicted sex offenders who cut off their ankle-mounted GPS monitors to avoid detection, a large problem that has gotten only worse. Next: Assembly Appropriations is expected to review this by mid-August.

  • SB 118 – Economic Sector Strategies

With the goal of preparing today’s workers for skilled, well-paying jobs that are in demand, this bill would improve ways to provide resources and training to better prepare workers and address the skills gap. Next stop: The Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy hearing Aug. 12.

  • SB 122 – Mitigating Abandoned Vessels

The pro-environment bill would renew Lieu’s successful 2009 law to remove pollution-spewing abandoned vessels from state waterways and has been praised by boating and law enforcement officials for saving taxpayer dollars. Next: An Assembly Appropriations review by mid-August.

SB 209 – Preventing Retroactive Taxes

This bipartisan measure seeks to repeal most of a recent Franchise Tax Board decision imposing millions in retroactive taxes on thousands of California taxpayers. To be reviewed by the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee Aug. 12.

  • SB 256 – Trampoline Park Safety

Children who use ‘trampoline parks’ would be provided greater protections from injuries under this public-safety measure by regulating a currently unregulated industry. To be reviewed by the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee Aug. 13.

In response to dozens of bogus 911 calls that endangered residents, motorists and law enforcement officers, this bipartisan measure promises to crack down on those who falsely report emergencies by holding perpetrators of all ages liable for all costs associated with the incident.  This bill is expected to face an Assembly Floor vote as soon as Aug. 12.

  • SB 353 – Deceptive Marketing of Health Care

Health care consumers seeking coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act would have better protections against deceptive marketing of medical services because of stronger consumer protections and the closing of gaps in state law. To be heard by Assembly Health on Aug. 13.

  • SB 569 – Videotaped Interrogations of Minors

In response to research indicating that false confessions by children under 18 have led to an increase in wrongful convictions, this bill would require law enforcement agencies statewide to videotape interviews of minors accused of homicide. Assembly Public Safety Committee Aug. 13.

  • SB 558 – Journalism Protection Act

California reporters and their news organizations would have greater protections from secret wiretaps or other invasions of their newsgathering communications under this measure by Lieu, former editor-in-chief of the Law Review at GeorgetownLawSchool. Assembly Floor vote as soon as Aug. 15.

This measure urges President Obama and Congress to approve the pending Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act asking the Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate helicopter routes, operating altitudes and hovering practices, and report back to Congress on possible solutions to noise complaints.  Next: The Assembly Local Government Committee considers SJR 7 on Aug. 14.

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