Los Angeles 2014 Election Blog

Los Angeles 2014 Election Blog

  • Ashman Leaves MOLAA

    By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer
    The Museum of Latin American Art experienced substantial growth and connection to its local community under Director Stuart Ashman.  After five years he stepped down from his position in July.
    Ashman plans return to New Mexico in August, where he lived for many years. Ashman served as the secretary for Cultural Affairs … Read more…

  • Muratsuchi Looks to Extend Advantage

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor
    Candidate for the 66th District Assembly, Al Muratsuchi, came out on top in the June 7 primary, but turnout, as in the 2014 race, will decide whether or not he takes the seat back from incumbent Assemblyman David Hadley in November.
    Muratsuchi won the primary by 4 percentage points—4,540 votes—by carrying Hermosa … Read more…

  • Green Port: A Dream Gets Closer to Reality

    Green Omni Terminal Could Radically Alter Port Operations
    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor and James Preston Allen, Publisher
    Photo by Linnea Stephan
    Framed by the future of new technology and the backdrop of older gantry cranes, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stood at a July 12 press conference at the Pasha Terminal in the Port of Los Angeles.
    He … Read more…

  • The Truth About Trump

    Paleoconservative Aspires to be Fire-Starter-in-Chief
    By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor
    Yusef Salaam was a frightened 15-year-old when Donald Trump first entered his life. Trump ran full-page ads demanding his execution for a crime he didn’t commit. “He was the fire starter,” Salaam said.
    But Trump, despite being born with big money, has always seen himself as the little … Read more…

  • Name Calling Versus Critical Thinking

    Donald Trump, the Ghost of Tricky Dick, Saving San Pedro
    By James Preston Allen, Publisher
    It’s an old but tested technique of argumentation. When you can’t win on the facts or logic, call your opponent bad names.  Donald Trump and his political surrogates have lost the argument on Hillary Clinton’s email. Now they’ve gone back to the … Read more…

  • Love Thy Neighbor

    Artist Explores Carson’s Diversity
    By Christian L. Guzman, Contributing Reporter
    The phrase, “high art,” will likely bring certain ideas to your mind— Michelangelo’s David or the Mona Lisa. Picasso or Post Modernism — great works reserved for museums or exclusive private collections.
    Ukrainian artist and Carson resident, Alexey Steele, affixed “high art forever” to the top of his … Read more…

  • *** RLn ANNOUNCEMENTS *** July 19, 2016

    July 20
    NWSPNC Planning Committee
    The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council Planning Committee is scheduled to meet July 20 at the San Pedro City Hall.
    Time: 6:15 p.m. July 20
    Details: View Northwest SPNC’s Committee Agenda here
    Venue: San Pedro City Hall, 638 S. Beacon St., San Pedro
    July 26
    Central SP Rules, Bylaws Committee Meeting
    The Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council’s … Read more…

  • *** RLn Briefs July 19, 2016 *** Deadly Motorcycle Collision

    Motorcycle Rider Dies in Collision

    LONG BEACH — A 28-year-old motorcycle rider died July 16, as a result of a collision near Santiago Avenue and 7th Street in Long Beach.
    The incident took place at about 7 p.m. Investigators said that a woman driving a 2013 Volvo S60 was driving westbound on 7th Street. She stopped at … Read more…

  • Walking to Cleveland

    Read Part Three of Four here.
    RNC Part Four of Four
    RLn Editor’s Note: Drew Philip, a freelance writer with Belt Magazine with photographer Garrett MacLean, in the grand tradition of Alexis de Toqueville and Woody Guthrie walked to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and talked directly and plainly with the people along the way. Philip documented what he learned in a … Read more…

  • The Republican National Convention: Day One

    “There Will Be an End to the Earth”
    By Barry Yeoman
    On the eve of the Republican National Convention, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee threw a welcoming party for several thousand delegates and guests. It was held at the North Coast Harbor, a recreation area — closed to the public for the evening and heavily secured — … Read more…

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