• Bias in the Corporate Media: What goes unreported when discussing labor on the waterfront

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher After nine months of negotiations between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association (the shipping and terminal operators), the crisis of congestion at West Coast ports has finally come to the attention of President Barack Obama. He has dispatched his labor secretary Tom

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  • Connecting the Dots on the Waterfront

    To the future and the past of the communities surrounding the ports By James Preston Allen, Publisher The showdown between the new executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, Gene Seroka, and the community over the future of the Los Angeles Waterfront has a long backstory that those who now cry the loudest abou

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  • The Law of Unintended Consequences

    When the Ports Impacts of Operations Become Community Problems

    James Preston Allen, Publisher Someone much wiser than I once said, “every time you solve one problem you create two.” I didn’t believe him then, but have come to appreciate that perspective the more I’ve watched government and big businesses

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  • American Justice on Trial

    When the War Comes Home James Preston Allen, Publisher On Sept.11, 2001, America reacted to the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. with swift action and arguably justified vengeance for the loss of life on our home turf––the first such attack since Pearl Harbor. Then-

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  • If Not Now When?

    How We Fail at Democracy, How It Fails Us James Preston Allen, Publisher We spend a lot of time in this country talking or posturing about defending democracy. How many times have we gone to war in the past 100 years on this very premise? Yet, I am constantly reminded of how often we don’t live up

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  • The View from the Park Overlooking the Port

    Harbor Department Issues Draft Public Access Investment Funding Policy By James Preston Allen, Publisher On one of my many trips to the old San Pedro Post Office recently, I stopped off at this town’s newly renovated Plaza Park. I had good reason to stop at one of this town’s oldest green spaces that overlooks the ind

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  • Cargoland:

    KCRW Radio Focuses on the Port and San Pedro

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher It was several weeks ago that KCRW reporter Saul Gonzalez contacted me after reading one of my editorials about the TraPac terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. I was a bit taken by surprise by the call as we rarely receive much “big” LA

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  • Athens of the Pacific

    Ports O' Call Waterfront -'Developer’s Initial Concept is not financially feasible' James Preston Allen, Publisher Some years ago, I called Los Angeles the "Athens of the Pacific" and I'm sure John Papadakis and a few other Greeks liked this metaphor. With Mayor Eric Garcetti's recent trip to Asia, Los A

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  • We Don’t Even Teach Democracy in Our Schools

    The failure of teaching by example and how it has affected education

    James Preston Allen, Publisher The founding fathers of this country all knew the value of education. Fifty-six of them were graduates of the first public school founded in Boston in 1635.  Since then, especially after the American Revolution,

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  • Solidarity Forever, or at Least for Now!

    Understanding which side of the fence you are on

    James Preston Allen, Publisher Over the years, some have questioned my support for the local unions of the Harbor Area. In doing so, they have often questioned the very basis for the continued existence of the  unions themselves. They say that unions as a whole are antiqu

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