• College Bound Celebrated Accomplishments at Warner Grand Theatre

    SAN PEDRO — On May 29, San P

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  • Enjoy a 5-Course Gourmet Dinner for $25

    [gallery columns="3"] By Lori Lynn Hirsch Stokoe, Food Writer and Photographer It's one of the best kept dining secrets in all of Southern California, where the food is impressive, the service is genuine, the ambiance is unique and the cost for a 5-course gourmet meal is ... $25. The students of the Los Angeles Harbor College Culina

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  • At Length Endorsements —

    LA County Sheriff: Olmsted Yes, Tanaka No

    James Preston Allen, Publisher Never before in all my years of voting in Los Angeles County did the significance of the sheriff's office rise to the importance that it does today. Even though I knew old Sherman Block, the sheriff whose longevity in office made his name became s

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  • George McKenna: When a Living Legend Speaks

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Candidate for the Los Angeles School Board George McKenna is living legend for many in the African-American community. His legend is largely due to role in turning Washington Prep High School from a failing and violent school to a renowned performing arts academy in the 1980s. The turnaround was so

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  • Beach Volleyball Comes to Naught After Dispute

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor The San Pedro Booster Club-sponsored volleyball tournament scheduled for June 28 was suppose to be a summer event filled with nice clean fun on Cabrillo Beach. Instead, it is just a mess. The proverbial mess hit the fan May 6, when the San Pedro High School Pirates Booster Club found itsel

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  • Sheriff Candidates Talk Tough, Talk Progressive:

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    Sheriff Candidates Talk Tough, Talk Progressive:  Questions Remain

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor This race for sheriff has produced some candidates who are good at talking tough and talking progressive as of late. With the ongoing federal investigation of the department and

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  • The Whistleblower

    Candidate for LA County Sheriff Bob Olmstead Speaks on Changing the Department From Within and Without

    By Terelle Jerricks , Managing Editor

    Candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff, Bob Olmsted, was a frustrated man in the winter of 2010 and 2011.

    He retired from his command at Men’s Central

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  • Citizenship Application Volunteers

    The Greater LB Interfaith Community Organization is seeking volunteers to assist people with filling out their citizenship applications, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 14. The group also is seeking volunteers to help with data entry, updating its website and other forms of communications. Details: (562) 533-4903

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  • RL NEWS: May 28, 2014

    San Pedro & Peninsula and Wilmington YMCA Board Member Receives Top Recognition SAN PEDRO – YMCA of San Pedro & Peninsula and Wilmington announced, May 22, that long-time board member and Palos Verdes resident, Arthur McAllister, received the Distinguished Golden Book of Service Awa

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  • Food Not Bombs: Defying Authority for a Higher Purpose

    Make no mistake: the members of Food Not Bombs are a bunch of lawbreakers. Bunches is more like it. With at least 500 chapters worldwide (and maybe more than twice that number), every day Food Not Bombers are defying the myriad laws restricting food-sharing. Sharing food with the hungry is an unregulated act of kindness, proclaims the Food

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