• California Confidential:

    The Price of Justice

    By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor Imagine coming out of your favorite coffee shop to find a bunch of witnesses surrounding your freshly sideswiped car, telling you the driver who did it just drove away. That’s what happened to ACLU lawyer Jessica Price after returning to her 2005 Acura from a local Sta

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  • Activists Want To See New Zero Emissions Plan Strengthened

    By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor In mid-July, the Port of Los Angeles released its draft Zero Emission White Paper, soliciting comments before consideration by POLA’s board, originally scheduled for Aug. 20, but now postp

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  • Oil Companies Gouge for Billions in Profits, Seek to Lay Blame On Greens

    By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Global warming threatens life on the planet, driving unprecedented mass extinctions of species, as well as rising human death tolls. Laws and regulations meant to combat global warming threaten the bottom lines of fossil fuel compan

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  • LB Man Killed in Brawl: RL NEWS Briefs Aug. 21, 2015

    LB Man Killed in Brawl

    LONG BEACH — On Aug. 18, a 22-year-old Junior Jimenez was struck with a bottle and stabbed multiple times with broken pieces from the bottle and during a brawl with another man on the 1100 block of E. 10th Street in Long Beach. Police responded to reports of a battery at about 9:11 p.m. The victim wa

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    Cozy, Comfort Food in Downtown Long Beach

    By Gina Ruccione, Cuisine and Restaurant Writer Going out to breakfast on the weekends is a big deal, but there are a lot of breakfast joints that just don’t have it figured out. That’s fine—we also don’t have to eat there. I have a hard time w

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  • Garden Church Growing an Urban Sanctuary

    By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer The bustling Friday farmers market in San Pedro was starting to close. The prayer garden was the first area I saw as I entered the Garden Church. Bedded in the west corner, a space for offerings blooms in perennials of red, yellow and pink. Ribbons of the same color

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  • Fear and Loathing of Transitional Housing

    By Ivan Adame, RLn Contributor Homelessness is one of those intractable problems that requires bold action rather than words. That’s the main takeaway from the controversial Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council meeting that took place Aug. 11. During that meeting, the council voted unanimously to

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  • Tianjin Tragedy Shakes Up Local Concerns

    Frightening Parallels with Threat Posed by Rancho Storage Tanks

    By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor On Aug. 5, after months of delay, a group of citizens concerned about the public safety threat posed by Rancho LPG met with Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka and staff mem

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  • Sister Corita

    Seeds of Renewal, the Language of Pop

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Beginning Sept. 3, Marymount California University, in collaboration with the Corita Art Center and fINdings Art Center, will present Be the Change: The Corita Experience, an exhibition at the Klaus Center in San Pedro that surveys the

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  • LBMA Misses Opportunity

    By Andrea Serna, Arts and Culture Writer It wasn’t that long ago that street art was just considered the scribbles of street vandals on private property. In the past few decades these “vandals” have become “artists,” and their works have moved from the street to the interior walls of art galle

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