• The Rule of Seven:

    Developing the Waterfront—Global vs. Local Jobs

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher Ask anyone who has ever had to deal with the City of Los Angeles, they will tell you that it takes “forever” to get anything done. Be it building and safety, the Department of Transportation or the Port of

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  • If You Have a Hammer, Every Problem Begins to Look Like a Nail

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher Our fertile subconscious minds conjure up curious images to deal with unresolved conflicts. A friend of mine once recounted waking from a dream in which she collected all the hammers in her house before going to bed so as to protect herself from burglars breaking in dur

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  • The Changing of the Guard

    Change is inevitable but does it really mean we’re moving forward?

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher

    It seems the more citizens clamor and agitate for more transparency in government and other civic institutions, the more opaque things become. Legal employee protection rules shield nonprofit

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  • California Dreaming

    From Booms to Busts, the Optimists are Always Searching for the Gold

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher At a meeting I attended recently with the management of the Port of Los Angeles, a civic leader voiced his

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  • Connecting the Dots

    Between the Waterfront, Minimum Wage, Homelessness, Free Trade

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher   So, one day, this guy walks into the newspaper’s lobby to check out our used books for sale and says off-handedly, “I love reading your newspaper. It’s so quirky.

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  • The Great Homeless Debate

    Whack-a-mole enforcement in a city spending $87 million on policing the homeless, and no solution in sight By James Preston Allen, Publisher Los Angeles Police Department Officer Maligi Nua Jr. greets me with a smile as he and two other LAPD officers watch a crew of yellow-shirted men from Beacon Hou

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  • Taking Sides

    We Can Be Pro-Business and Pro-Labor By James Preston Allen, Publisher   I recently found myself involved in a very long conversation about development issues with a local business owner. But something he said stopped me cold. “Wait a minute,” I said.

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  • The Law of Unintended Consequences Part II

    James Preston Allen, Publisher

    The job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. —Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1936)

    There’s a certain amount of fear and embarrassment in the debate over how to address

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  • The Persistence of Memory

    Nostalgia for a Past that No Longer Exists

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher Nostalgia hangs over this harbor area like overcast clouds on one of those days that brings a chill off the Pacific Ocean near Sunken City. It lingers for a time around the quaint Weymouth Corners shopping district like Mayberry, from the old Andy

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  • Fractured Perspectives

    From the Waterfront to Gaffey Street and Beyond James Preston Allen, Publisher   I am thinking today about the famous Paleolithic cave paintings in Altamira, Spain.  I think about the exquisite images of extinct steppe bison, horses and deer, then wonder if the cave d

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