• We Don’t Even Teach Democracy in Our Schools

    The failure of teaching by example and how it has affected education

    James Preston Allen, Publisher The founding fathers of this country all knew the value of education. Fifty-six of them were graduates of the first public school founded in Boston in 1635.  Since then, especially after the American Revolution,

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  • Random Lengths Elections Slate

    The editorial board of Random Lengths recommend the reelection of the current class of incumbents running for state and congressional office. Since Gov. Jerry Brown’s return to Sacramento in 2009, California has seen its fortunes turn all the way around. The states finances are in order; as a state, we’re not lurching from one crisis to the nex

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  • Solidarity Forever, or at Least for Now!

    Understanding which side of the fence you are on

    James Preston Allen, Publisher Over the years, some have questioned my support for the local unions of the Harbor Area. In doing so, they have often questioned the very basis for the continued existence of the  unions themselves. They say that unions as a whole are antiqu

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  • Don’t Kill the Messenger

    The USS Iowa, ILWU/TraPac Dispute and the Tale of Gary Webb James Preston Allen, Publisher In the almost 35 years that I have been publishing this newspaper for our community, there’s one question I’ve always had to navigate: How much of what we know do we actually print? As you can probably guess, we are told much

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  • The Troubling Failure of the Media to Report Accurately on the ISIL Hostage Videos

    When the Associated Press, CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Agence France-Presse, MSNBC, Fox News, and the Guardian all concur in their reportage of unambiguous, easily verifiable matters of fact, generally you're safe in taking it on faith. Not always, though, as can be seen from reports on vi

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  • ILWU Contract May Hinge on TraPac Automation

    How far will new technologies go in replacing the workforce? James Preston Allen, Publisher The American flag barely flaps in the breeze, when the sun risesbehind the Vincent Thomas Bridge, as seen from Eastview Little League baseball fields atop TraPac’s new automated OCR cranes at berths 134-139 can be seen idle wi

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  • Hot Weather, a Shortage of a Great Vision

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher These days, even sitting at your computer can leave you drenched with sweat. It is exactly at times like these that I wonder why we have not lined our streets with a forest of shade giving trees, open public pools at many of our city parks, or finally renovate and open the Gaffey Street pool

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  • Connecting the Harbor to LA

    Road Diets, Stop Signs, Traffic Solutions

    By James Preston Allen, publisher Councilman Joe Buscaino held a town hall forum on the Pacific Avenue Road Diet last week and got an ear-full from some unhappy residents about narrowing the roadway. The problem is that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has already d

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  • The Shortest Distance from Missouri to Los Angeles

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher Before Michael Brown was shot six times by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer about two weeks ago, no one ever thought much or even heard of this small community outside of St. Louis. Nor did anyone consider the mounting problems of many small Midwest towns in red states like this one, who have suffered throu

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  • Beck in the Crossfire

    Accessing Police Reforms, Leadership and the Contract

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher It's never been easy for the average citizen of Los Angeles to know for sure what's happening behind the badge at the Los Angeles Police Department. For decades, the LAPD’s public image of Sgt. Joe Friday and all the hundreds o

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