• Not My Belt Buckle: Supervisor Hahn Responds

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I write in response to a June 22nd  Letter to the Editor [RLn vol. Xxxviii No.13] regarding the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s decision to spend a reported $300,000 on new belt buckles for deputies’ uniforms. I have to agree that this did not strike me as a good use of taxpayer money. However,

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  • The Further and Continuing Evolution of Government Under Science

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Where does science fit within the evolution of government? Rather than trying to engage the common man into thinking more about science, we should address the absence of science within government. Under the direction of science, human deliberative capability can alter the nature and course of human evolution, as w

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  • What’s going on with the Belt Buckles?

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The purpose of this letter is to find out what the Sheriff’s department is going to do with the $300,000 they budgeted for new belt buckles?   When I found this out from an article appearing in the March 14 edition of the LA Times, I was enraged, partly because of the money, which could have been more

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  • Letters to the Editor

    Editor’s note: In the past week, Random Lengths News received a slew of letters to the editor from San Pedro High School students on stories published this past Summer—stories ranging from RLn’s coverage over the community debate on homelessness, the potential dangers of Rancho LPG in the wake of the Tianjin explosion in China, to the pie

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  • Justice Removed

    Dear Senator Lieu: I believe the San Pedro and Avalon courthouses should remain open, and that more of the fees collected by local courts should be used to operate and maintain these courts. This is a poor way to administer justice in our community and our State.



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  • San Pedro and the Spanish-American War

    I am delighted that you published (July 12-25 issue) the views of Rachel Bruhnke and what could be the connection between San Pedro and the people of Cuba.  She is entitled to her opinions (which were well

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  • Letter from a Proud Progressive

     It is way past time for the Progressives of California to rid this State of the oppressive, Non-Judicial Foreclosure Laws [ California Civil Code §§ 2924 et seq,, et al] that

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  • The Spanish War and San Pedro

    One hundred and fifteen years is enough. It was 115 years ago that the United States launched it’s first overseas, some say, imperial war, the Spanish-American War.  Besides giving the U.S. military control over the Philippines and several Pacific islands, the war assured U.S. military, political and economic domination over Cuba as well. Wi

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  • Letters: 06/13/13 Edition

    Protection Against Media Predators

    I would like to propose Legislation to protect the individual in public places from the invasion of privacy by media predators. I was filmed by TMZ photographer Joshua Hoover, and even though I told him who I was, TMZ still used the pictures and video he took of me while I was in the Airport. The phot

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  • Letters: 05/30/13 Edition

    Unused Capacity at City Hall

    Unused capacity exists in many aspect of life. An elderly couple lives alone in a house with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Thus, the couple may be said to have unused housing capacity. On the freeway, driver-only vehicles display unused passenger capacity. Congresses is crippled by the unused capacity for comp

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