• Sirens Welcomes LA Poet Laureate

    By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor Luis Rodriguez loves LA.

    I can’t forget its smells I love to make love in LA It’s a great city A city without a handle The world’s most mixed metropolis of intolerance and divisions

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  • Dining at Panxa Cocina

    Old World Meets New Mexican Cuisine

    Panxa Cocina's Tom O'Brien. Photo by Phillip Cooke By Gina Ruccione, Restaurant and Cuisine Writer It takes serious balls to open a restaurant. Competition is fierce and customers are fickle. Answering to investors can be a total pain in the ass, but withou

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  • A Walk in the Woods

    A WALK IN THE WOODS @ International City Theatre

    In the 1960s fear and ideology brought the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. perilously close to nuclear war. But rather than responding to such brinksmanship by backing away from the precipice, both countries responded by raising the stakes, building up their arsenals to the point of being able destroy the entire planet many times over. Throughout the 19

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  • Table Manners-Little Fish Theatre

    TABLE MANNERS @ Little Fish Theatre

    Although Annie is terribly fond of Tom, he seems to lack the courtship gene. As she confesses to sister-in-law Sarah during Table Manners's opening scene, her romantic frustrations with her would-be suitor led her to yield one night not so long ago to the dubious charms Norman, her sister Ruth's husband. And now here she is, geared up for

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  • *** RLn Calendar of Events *** April 28 – May 21, 2016


    April 29 Reverend Tall Tree Stompin', shufflin' and hollerin', Rev. Tall Tree plays blues and American roots in the tradition of Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf and Bo Diddley. Time: 8 p.m. April 29 Cost: $20 to $30 Details: http://tinyurl.com/ReverendTallTree Venue: Grand Annex, 4

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  • Anguish & Obsession:

    An American Love Story

    In Anguish, the model is bound with her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded with police tape. Courtesy photo.
    By Melina Paris Contributing Writer Huss Hardan knew that not everyone was going to find Anguish & Obsession: An American Love Story palatable.

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  • OFFICE HOUR @ South Coast Repertory

    If it walks like a future school shooter and talks like a future school shooter, should we treat it like a future school shooter? This is the starting point for Office Hour, essentially a one-act play portraying a professor's potentially pivotal office hour with a troubled student. So you don't spend the first 10 minutes of Office

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  • Just FAITH Lives Up to Her Name

    By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Singer-songwriter, Just FAITH, has been capturing fans far and wide, one stage at a time. She performed at a fashion show and the Lighthouse Festival in 2014. In 2015, she performed at the Bully Prevention Extravaganza. This past month, she was the opening act for the Mary Jane Gir

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  • LA VOIX HUMAINE @ Long Beach Opera

    The human voice is a compelling means of connection, especially when it's all you have left. That is the situation for Elle, the sole onstage character in La voix humaine, in relation to her cheri. Recently separated, he telephones her one last time to say goodbye and arrange the retrieval of his belongings. Her real-time side of

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  • The Chouinard Legacy is Carried Forward

    By Andrea Serna, Arts and Culture Writer

      “Art has always been my passion since I was a child… as I started to get older my love for art increased and I knew that this was going to save me from a difficult life

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