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Garcia Announces Commission Nominations

LONG BEACH — On July 14, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced five nominations to commissions. Garcia appointed former vice mayors Frank Colonna and Bonnie Lowenthal to serve on the Long Beach Harbor Commission.

Summer Fun Guide: Sean Lane


July 22 Sean Lane Join the band on a journey through time and hear everything from the foundational raw Delta style that started it all to the electrified blues-rock that it has become. Time: 8 p.m. July 2

Police Body Cam Video Reveals Details about Inauguration Day ‘Kettling’ of Protesters

By Baynard Woods, Democracy in Crisis In police body-camera footage obtained by Democracy in Crisis, the scene in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20, 2017 shows the war zone our nation really is right now. The balance of po

The Further and Continuing Evolution of Government Under Science

Where does science fit within the evolution of government? Rather than trying to engage the common man into thinking more about science, we should address the absence of science within government. Under the direction of science, human deliberative capabil

SP Waterfront Arts District Selected as One of 14 State Designated Cultural Districts

SAN PEDRO — On July 13, the California Arts Council announced that the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District will be among 14 districts serving as the state’s premier designated cultural arts districts. This is the first year that the council has voted t

Outrage and Ecstasy:

Queer dance party descends on McConnell’s house, dancing with anger over health care repeal

By Baynard Woods A swanky stretch of C Street near the Capitol in Washington D.C. is blocked by a raucous crowd dancing in front of Senate Majorit

Nasty Woman Concert Series


July 8 Nasty Woman Concert Series The concert series is designed to bring together the women’s community through the healing power of music and comedy, especially those women who have been marginalized because o

A Chinese-American Fantasy World Lives at Fu Yuan Low

By Richard Foss, Cuisine and Restaurant Writer Despite the belief that modern foodies are more adventurous than previous generations, Americans have been eating Chinese food of various levels of authenticity f

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