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LB Man to be Arraigned for Smuggling Lizards

LONG BEACH — Operation Jungle Book, a law enforcement initiative led by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service that targeted wildlife smuggling, has resulted in federal criminal charges against a defendant who allegedly participated in the illegal

Jeeyoon Kim


Oct. 21 Jeeyoon Kim Classical Crossroads’ “The Interludes” concert series presents Beverly Hills National Auditions winner, pianist Jeeyoon Kim. A native of South Korea, Jee

LB Land Use Element Draws Angry Crowd

Boos and hiss greeted Long Beach Director of Development Amy Bodek who made a presentation at an Oct. 4 Land Use Element community meeting at Whaley Park. The General Plan is a long-range policy document required by state law, which sets forth the goal

El Twanguero


Oct 13 El Twanguero Back by popular demand! Once called a "fire-breathing guitar hero" by U.S. press, the Grammy and Goya award-winning guitarist, Diego Garcia, puts a Spanish twist on American rock ’n’ roll s

War of Words

I suggest you reconsider your animal farm logic, some more equal than others, in the War of Words free speech essay in your paper [RLn 9/14/17]. That is, unless you’re simply making excuses for the violent response to speech; violence in response to vio

It’s a Lousy “Anthem” Anyway!

By Harvey Wasserman The immensely powerful, deeply moving, and historic protests of our nation’s athletes against the absurd rantings of our great dictator make one thing abundantly clear: the diversity of this nation is not going aw

Gay Men’s Health Summit

Come and participate in workshops, listen to guest speakers, and panelists presenting on relevant health and wellness topics for 2017. This one day event will focus on self-identified cis, trans and gender non-conforming men’s multi dimensional approach

California Becomes a Sanctuary

SACRAMENTO — On Oct. 5, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a legislation that would limit state and local enforcement agencies in holding, questioning and transferring undocumented immigrants at the request of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Senate Bil

Long Beach Woman Dies Vegas Massacre

LAS VEGAS — On Oct. 2, the Manhattan Beach Police Department confirmed the death of one of its own from a shooting spree that took place Oct. 1 during the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Thirty-three-year-old Rachel Parker, a Long Beach resid

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