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Harbor Area Offers Alternatives to Slaving Over Thanksgiving Dinner

By Gina Ruccione, Restaurant & Cuisine Writer Not interested in cooking this year? I get it. We all have moments where we would rather decompress and just let someone else take care  of dinner. For those of you who plan on heading out for Thanksgiving Dinner, here’s w

Cooking Tips and Tricks:

How to Not Completely Screw Up Thanksgiving Dinner

By Gina Ruccione, Cuisine Writer The holiday season comes at the same time every year, but somehow it always seems to sneak up out of nowhere. Stress ensues and often continues all the way to New Year’s Day.

Angels Gate Cultural Center at 30:

Reconnecting Roots, Strengthening Neighborly Bonds

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor On Nov. 7, Angels Gate Cultural Center was the site for A Gathering of Angels: Studio Artists from 1985–2015, an exhibition of former and current Studio Artists to ki

The True Heart of the Harbor Doesn’t Bleed

Heart of the Harbor volunteers served food to homeless people and community members this past October at Banning. Featured photo by Slobodan Dimitrov

Wilmington Grassroots Effort Tackles Homelessness

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Our present d

Artists Respond to SP Fire: RL NEWS Briefs of the Week Nov. 10, 2015

Featured photo by Kent Tolley

Artists Respond to SP Fire

NWSPNC Public Safety Committee Meeting: RLn ANNOUNCEMENTS Nov. 3, 2015

Nov. 4 NWSPNC Public Safety Committee Meeting The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council’s Public Safety Committee will meet at 6 p.m. Nov. 4 at Via Dolce Café in San Pedro. Time: 6 p.m. Nov. 4 Cost: Free

Buscaino to Propose Sobriety Center for Homeless People: RL NEWS Briefs for the week of Nov. 3, 2015

Officials Propose Sobriety Center for Homeless People

SAN PEDRO — On Oct. 28, Councilman Buscaino met with Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas and Dr. Mitchell H. Katz, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, who proposed an idea of a “s

(Artists+Activists) x Innovation = Talent + Opportunity + Engagement

By Melina Paris, Columnist To maximize the Knight Ridder Cities Challenge, the ArtExchange (ArtX), a visual arts center in the downtown East Village arts district, hosted (Artists + Activists) x Innovation, on Oct. 19. Local artists

Copeland Gives Back with Charity Master Dance Class

By Arlo Tinsman-Kongshaug, Editorial Intern Misty Copeland, principal dancer at New York’s famous American Ballet Theatre and national role-model to countless aspiring young women dancers who’ve been told they just weren’t right to make i

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