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Central SP Elects Neighborhood Council Members

SAN PEDRO — On Nov. 14, the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council filled five out six vacted seats. The board members elected are Port of Los Angeles High School teacher Rachel Bruhnke, web developer Louis Caravella, educator and neighborhood block

Social Justice Offerings

The present state of our country and of our world beckons to all of us. As we confront climate change, multiple refugee crises, the threat of global conflict, and a disturbing normalization of fascism, our collective future mandates that we unite around c

Raya Yarbough


Nov. 10 Raya Yarbough Raya Yarbough is an acclaimed blues-soul vocalist most recognized as the voice of the opening credits of the Outlander series, and for the shimmering vocals featured throughout the Sci

CSU Employees Union, CSU Reach Tentative Agreement

LONG BEACH — On Oct. 27, the California State University Employees Union, comprised of staff employees, and California State University announced that they had reached a three-year tentative successor contract agreement. The workers include registere

Trump’s Lawyers Scrambled

By Vickiie Oliphant, Express Donald Trump’s lawyers have been scrambled into action after it was revealed the probe into possible Russian meddling in

An Open Letter to the President

I am merely an obscure novelist who exited a major political party, after 25 years servicing as a press secretary, district director, or personal deputy to five state lawmakers in California, and to candidates in three election cycles, and organized labor

Punk is Never Out of Session

By Christian Simac, Contributing Writer Recess Records is the household name within the microcosm of San Pedro punk. First we were given the legendary Minutemen, who put San Pedro on the punk music map,  a

Heartbeat City


Oct. 28 Heartbeat City Named for one of the Cars biggest selling albums, Heartbeat City faithfully re-creates the look and sound of The Cars. They dress in the period-correct 80s style of The Cars. Seeing Heartbea

RecycLA: The Future of LA Sanitation

By Enrique Zaldivar, Director and General Manager LA Sanitation Beginning July 1, LA Sanitation and the City of Los Angeles launched a new recycling and waste collection program for businesses and apartments throughout the city, ca

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