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LAWA Says Future of the LA Waterfront is Coming

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor  Recently, Councilman Joe Buscaino revealed that the Los Angeles Waterfront Alliance was going to bring back the Red Car as part of their redevelopment plans for Ports O’ Call Vi

Evading the Holes in the Safety Net

One Mother’s Journey Through Los Angeles County’s Coordinated Entry System

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor The City of Los Angeles recently moved to seize and presumably dispose of the tiny houses that have been crop

Brewing up Change on the San Pedro Waterfront

By James Preston Allen, Publisher The crowds were ebullient, if not inebriated, at the long-awaited opening of Brouwerij West in old Warehouse 9 near the San Pedro waterfront on 22nd Street and Harbor Boulevard. Wayne Blank, known for buil

Rough and Bitter Gets Better

By Ari LeVaux, Guest Columnist Winter can be a challenging time for leaf lovers. The tender, bountiful garden foliage of summer is long gone, and seasonal winter options are generally a more fibrous lot, like cabbage and kale. Even spin

Big Development Force Out Small Businesses

By Lyn Jensen, Carson Reporter Numerous small businesses are being forced from a Carson mini-mall that’s in the way of the city’s redevelopment plans for a stretch of Avalon Boulevard near Carson Street. This past June, the Carso


Are Intentional Encampments the Cure?

Story and photos by David Bacon: Special Report The San Francisco Bay Area has long been considered a bastion of progressive ideals. Since the technology sector has become the main engine of the its

Cumbre Flamenca Ignites Passion

Photo By By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Flamenco is primal emotion expressed through guitar, song and dance. The preforming troupe Cumbre (“peak” in Spanish) Flamenca embodies this primal emotion. Two of its m

Free Health Workshop: RLn ANNOUNCEMENTS Feb. 11, 2016

Feb. 13 Free Health Workshop: Care of Neck Pain Come learn about your neck pain and find out where it's coming from. Learn what you can do to manage the pain and aches in your neck with the help of Dr. Romina Ghassemi. Time: 10 a.m. to

Hoppy Valentine’s Weekend of Beer, Food, Lovers

Nothing speaks more directly to the heart than farm-to-table meals and locally brewed beers. Chef Paul Buchanan’s Primal Alchemy, together with brewer Brian Mercer and the anticipated Brouwerij West will host Hoppy Valentine’s: A Night of Perfect Pairings, from 6 to 10 p.m. Feb. 13,

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