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RLn ANNOUNCEMENTS: June 15, 2016

June 25 B.A.R.K. Dogs BARK Dogs will be at the Los Altos Library on June 25. The program encourages children to better their reading skills by reading aloud to certified therapy dogs. Time: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. June 25 Venue:<


RL NEWS Roundups: June 14, 2016

News: LA Council Approves San Pedro Public Market Lease

SAN PEDRO — On June 10, the Los Angeles City Council approved the 50-year ground lease for the San Pedro Public Market. Proponents of the redevelopment are hoping the $150 million project on 30-acres will transform the wa


Walking the Thin Line Between Advocacy and Journalism

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor On June 12, I woke up to terrible news. Twenty people killed in the early-morning hours by a lone gunman in Orlando, Fla. The incident took place at gay club on Latino night, during a month of celebration for the gay, lesbian,

Negroni Cocktails:

It’s for A Good Cause

By Gina Ruccione, Cuisine and Restaurant Writer   Some of us don’t need an excuse to drink cocktails, but if I could be so bold, here’s a good one. It’s called

CASA: Someone to Call ‘Home’

By Zamná Avila, Assistant Editor Lisa Slayton had a rough start at life. Her mother was paranoid-schizophrenic and was unable to take care of her. The identity of her biological father and his whereabouts is unknown. Her maternal grandmothe

Clinton Hosts Rally in Long Beach

On June 6, in a last-minute effort to sway California voters in this year’s primary election, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton scheduled “Get Out the Vote” stops in Lynwood, Los Angeles and Long Beach. Clinton’s campaign

Wondem Awakens Brotherly Love

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Wondem, Dexter Story’s debut on Soundway Records, is a love letter to Ethiopia. Wondem (pronounced “Windem”) means “brother” in Amh

Carson to Appeal Rent Control Case

By Lyn Jensen, Carson Reporter In an ongoing dispute over a city board’s decision regarding rent-controlled property, a federal court this past month ordered the City of Carson to pay more than $3.3 million to Colony Cove Properties. City

Sanders’ 44 Percent Falls Short

Sanders loses LA County by wider margin than the state

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Musician and activist Mike de la Rocha predicted that mainstream media would call the election for Hillary Clinton, instead of Sen. Bernie San

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