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RLn BRIEFS: July 27, 2017

Court Places BNSF on Hold, Indefinitely

WILMINGTON — BNSF’s environmental analysis was put aside as inadequate, July 26, when a $500 million railyard in Wilmington was placed on indefinite hold in a final judgment. The judgment affirmed that because the de

The Carrillo Brothers Welcome New Addition Happy Diner Family

By Gina Ruccione, Cuisine and Restaurant WriterCa Three months ago, the Carrillo brothers added a new member to their Happy Diner Family on Gaffey Street. But it’s not another diner—this time, it’s a

RLn ANNOUNCEMENTS: July 26, 2016

July 27 Coastal Communications Committee Meeting The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council’s Communications Committee meeting is scheduled to take place July 27 at the Corner Store. Time: 5:30 p.m. July 27 Details:


RLn BRIEFS: July 26, 2016

Voluntary Port Mitigation Fund Approved

LONG BEACH — On July 25, the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners authorized a $46.4 million program to lessen the impacts of port-related pollution on the community. The investment is expected to be disbursed within 12 to 15 years

RLn BRIEFS July 25, 2016

Initial Marine Oil Terminal Improvements Study Released

SAN PEDRO — An Initial Study/Notice of Preparation for the Marine Oil Terminal Wharf Improvements Project was released on July 21. This is the first step in the environmental impact report process, and would involve dem


Ashman Leaves MOLAA

By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer The Museum of Latin American Art experienced substantial growth and connection to its local community under Director Stuart Ashman.  After five years he stepped down fro

Muratsuchi Looks to Extend Advantage

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Candidate for the 66th District Assembly, Al Muratsuchi, came out on top in the June 7 primary, but turnout, as in the 2014 race, will decide whether or not he takes the seat back from incumbent Assemblyman David Hadley in N


Green Port: A Dream Gets Closer to Reality

Green Omni Terminal Could Radically Alter Port Operations

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor and James Preston Allen, Publisher Photo by Linnea Stephan Framed by the future of new technology and the backdrop of older gantr

Name Calling Versus Critical Thinking

Donald Trump, the Ghost of Tricky Dick, Saving San Pedro

By James Preston Allen, Publisher It’s an old but tested technique of argumentation. When you can’t win on the facts or logic, call your opponent bad names.  Donald Trump and his po

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