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Melina Paris is a Southern California-based writer, who blends her passion for writing and connecting people to their local community into pieces centered music, cultural events, the arts, and most recently, the intersection of art and social justice.

Emerging Artist Shines His Light at Calyx

By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer

Christian Scott Stretches Boundaries

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist To trumpet player, composer and producer Christian Scott, expression is supreme. His stretch music is a conversation of different cultures from both today and the past. Scott, who performed a sho

Art as Resistance Lights Up Los Angeles

By Melina Paris,

Jazz Giants Deliver Musical Enlightenment

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist   When you go to see a performance by musicians whose very nature it is to play, it’s as though you’ve crossed a threshold. The seamless flow between their individual expressions, the co

The Jazz Giants of LA Perform at the Grand Annex

It isn’t only the recent success of the Oscar-winning film, La La Land, that has brought a new flock of listeners to jazz. Los Angeles has been in the midst of a rich renaissance of this robust and evolving music. This resurgence has occurre

The Town Hall Affair Debates Culture Wars

By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer The Wooster Group’s The Town Hall Affair, based on the 1979 documentary, Town Bloody Hall plunges its audience into the women’s liberation movement of

The Space Provides a Cutting-Edge Venue

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist The first time I attended an event there I was struck by the venue’s size, the different activities and multiple mediums employed inside. It’s genius! Known as The Space, i

Local Band Hangout Jams with Elan Atias

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Elan Atias of the Wailers recently performed a special acoustic set while hanging at the Queen Mary’s Observation Bar. The jam was the third concert of Local Band Hangout, a live music series.


By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer Emmy Award-winning director Marta Houske’s film, Crows of the Desert — A Hero’s Journey through the Armenian Genocide, will be present

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