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Trapped within in the ironic predicament of wanting to know everything (more or less) while believing it may not be possible really to know anything at all, Greggory Moore is nonetheless dedicated to a life of study, be it of books, people, nature, or that slippery phenomenon we call the self. And from time to time he feels impelled to write a litt

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Despite Talk, Long Beach Nowhere Close to Bringing Medpot Back

We do owe the public a resolution on this issue, with a responsible timeline. –Mayor Robert Garcia, February 2015

The cannabis landscape in the United States has gotten a whole lot greener since September 10, 2013, the night the Long Beach Cit

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Long Beach Graffiti Remediation Sometimes Misses the Mark

The term 'graffiti' is a bit like the term 'drugs,' in that many people negatively over-generalize the concept. The government has talked of its "war on drugs" for decades, all while sanctioning plenty of them, many of which are far more potentially damaging than some illicit ones. It's al

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Why I Sued the Sheriff’s Department (and What Happened When I Did)

It was three-and-a-half years ago, and yet I remember with perfect clarity the group of police officers waiting at the northeast corner of Ocean Blvd. and Magnolia Ave. before coming through the crosswalk toward me. I wouldn't have noticed them had the group not been so large. The one f

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A Question of Assets: How One Long Beach Lot Can Help Downtown

Long Beach has long lacked a true downtown. For decades the phrase "downtown Long Beach" denoted little more than city hall, the county courthouse, and the first three blocks of Pine Avenue. But there has been growth in recent years. The Promenade now fits into the conversation, there h

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Why “I Am Charlie,” Whether or Not I’m on the Same Page as ‘Charlie Hebdo’

I had never so much as heard of Charlie Hebdo when I awoke to news of the murders in Paris last week. And I still knew next to nothing about the publication when I, along with millions of others, proclaimed my solidarity with the publication and its writers, along with the princip

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With a New Chief, Will the LBPD Stop Prioritizing Marijuana “Crimes” Over Violent Crime?

The headline to this article sounds ridiculous. Of course the Long Beach Police Department has never prioritized making marijuana busts over keeping residents safe and bringing violent criminals to justice, right? Yet if we reflect on the words of now-former LBPD Chief (and new

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A First-Timer’s Firsthand Account from the Front Lines of the Public Healthcare Dole

Growing up I grasped the logistics of healthcare and insurance only in the abstract. In my upper-middle-class childhood experience, things were simple. Whenever I needed medical care, I got it, and as far as I could tell it was good, without so much as a wasted day in a waiting room. I

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The Troubling Failure of the Media to Report Accurately on the ISIL Hostage Videos

When the Associated Press, CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Agence France-Presse, MSNBC, Fox News, and the Guardian all concur in their reportage of unambiguous, easily verifiable matters of fact, generally you're safe in taking it on fait

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Missing a Beat: A Ten-Point Account of Long Beach Funk Fest

For the last five years Long Beach Funk Fest has been such a consistent standout in the Summer And Music series (SAM) that this year it ventured away from downtown Long Beach proper and out on its own and into the welcoming arms of the corporation that operates the Queen Mary.

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