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Nation Unites in the Wake of Orlando Tragedy

Shows of solidarity are being evidenced across the nation in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, which left 50 people dead, and another 53 wounded. The nation is voicing its support of the victims of the shooting from the Tony Awards, to late night host John Oliver the message is cle

Dave Widow

Widow and Pearl, Together Again in Pedro

Dave Widow and Bernie Pearl Reunite at the Grand Annex

By B. Noel Barr, Music Writer Dude Funky Blues ​rocker Dave Widow and The Line Up is returning to The Grand Annex with veteran blues artist Bernie Pearl on June 18. Pearl is opening the show with an acoustic set. Altho

Advocacy and the Role of a Neighborhood Council Member

By Debra Hunter, Member and candidate for Central Neighborhood Council

The post began “A very important election is coming up and we need a change. I am talking about the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council election.” As a sitting board member, I sighed. The allegations

Antonin Scalia (March 11, 1936-Feb. 13, 2016)

The originalist and textualist of the court’s conservative wing By James Preston Allen, Publisher Antonin Scalia wasn’t dead for more than 24 hours before the political rancor in Washington D.C. started up in the press. Of course

Star Fisheries Workers Strike before Christmas

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor   About 30 Star Fisheries' drivers represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 572 went on strike a minute after midnight on Dec. 18.

The Coming Full Circle of a ‘90s Musical Protégé

I’ve been told that San Pedro has been a place where the famous or the infamous — from artists to war criminals — come to lay low. I always assumed it was a tongue-in-cheek assessment. Then last summer, I met Rion Michael. At first he was simply our office’s new next-door neigh

TE San Pedro Rep Illuminates Joan Of Arc

By Stephanie Serna, RLn Contributing Writer

As I arrived at the entrance to Theatrum Elysium San Pedro Repertory, where I was finally about to experience for myself the “powerfully moving” production of Joan of Arc, I suddenly had a d

Notice of Preparation of Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for China Shipping Container Terminal Project

  The City of Los Angeles Harbor Department (LAHD) has prepared a Notice of Preparation (NOP) of a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the following project in the Port of Los Angeles: Berths 97-109 [China Shipping] Container Terminal Project. The LAHD has prepared,

Crunch Games and Title Winning Moments

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