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Juncal Street at El Camino

By B. Noel Barr, Music Writer Dude

On July 1, the air will be filled with ancient music of the gypsy’s at El Camino College. The sounds of one the most exciting, sensually charged music and dance prese

When the Other is a Bitch

Editor’s Note(Imagine a booming over dub voice): In a world where advertisements are often more entertaini

Lincoln Made Into Just Another Action Hero

By Danny Simon

Over the weekend, a twelve year old named Charlie saw Abraham Li

US Supreme Court Upholds Arizona’s SB 1070, Strikes Down Major Provisions

  On June 25, The US Supreme Court struck down significant portions of the Arizona’s anti-immigration

Eve on a Swing Swinging at Alvas for Loving Day

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor

Alvas Showroom will be celebrating Loving Day on June 24 by featuring Sandra Booker and her all fema