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For as little as $52 an issue you can invest in growing your business through Random Lengths News, the leading newspaper of the Harbor Area for more than 35 years.

In addition to our popular print edition, Random Lengths News offers a digital, page-turning copy on its website. For an additional $10 per issue, your ad can be linked in the digital copy to your website.

HOW IT WORKS: Similar to buying in bulk, rates are based on frequency. The more you buy; the more you save. Your campaign is most effective if you brand your message consistently and repeatedly. Repetition works.

Print advertising in RLn is sold in modular sizes, for example a ¼-page or ½-page. A complete breakdown of ad sizes and rates is available on the adjacent rate card in the page. By clicking the buttons below you can calculate the cost of our ad campaign and pay for it online. For questions call (310) 519-1442.

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Business Saver, Business Card, 1/16 Page, 1/8 Page, 3/16 Page, 1/4 Page, 1/3 Page, 1/2 Page, 2/3 Page, 3/4 Page, Full Page, Back Cover, Inside Covers, Center Spread


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DISPLAY ADVERTISING Print advertising in RLn is sold in modular sizes, for example a ¼ page, ½ page, etc. For a complete breakdown of ad sizes and rates, please view our contact our office. Please note that rates are based on frequency. It is similar to buying in bulk, the more you buy, the more you save. Advertising campaigns are most effective when the message/branding is consistent and repeated. Repetition Works. In addition a digital, page-turning copy of the print edition is put on our website in its entirety, including all advertising. For an additional $10 per issue, the ad that appeared in print may be hotlinked, to the advertisers’ website, in the digital edition. For additional questions please call us at (310) 519-1442.

HARBOR SERVICE ADS For advertisers who can benefit from being in every issue, but who do not require large space or frequent copy changes, business saver ads are an excellent value. Business saver ads are 1. 5″ wide by 2.25″ high and may run for 5–27 issues. Harbor Service ads cost $50 per issue and must run a minimum of 5 times.

CLASSIFIED ADS Classified ads cost as little as $10. Classifieds are charged on a per-line basis, depending upon frequency. Prepayment by check, cash, MasterCard, VISA, or Discover is required. Classifieds may be placed by calling Suzanne at (310) 519-1442.

INSERTS A maximum of two pre-printed inserts is accepted per week. Call (310) 519-1442 to request a quote based upon the insertion’s quantity, size and shape. Insertion rates do not include printing.

WEB ADVERTISING Randomlengthsnews.com currently offers 3 options for advertising directly on our website: 1) Header 2) Sidebar Square 3) Sidebar Vertical. These ads may be hotlinked to your website. For web advertising rates contact us at(310) 519-1442.

DEADLINES [Download Publication Schedule] RLn is published every other Thursday. The preferred deadline for the receipt of all reservations and advertising materials is Friday, the week prior to publication. Artwork and materials will be accepted until 5 p.m. Monday, week of publication. When space has been reserved and paid for in advance, camera-ready materials will be accepted until noon Tuesday, week of publication. For advertisers wishing to approve a proof, the deadline is Monday, the week of publication. Holidays that are celebrated on weekdays generally cause the deadlines for the issue published that same week to be advanced one business day.



• Ad design and setup are included in the cost of advertising. RLn staff will design and prepare display ads at no additional cost.

• All press-ready ads should be submitted as a PDF or TIF file built to RLn’s specs. Native files (Quark or InDesign) are not accepted. Photo format files jpg and eps’ may be submitted, but we do not guarantee their print quality.

• Please note that ads submitted at an incorrect size will be shrunk/enlarged to fit.

• Ads smaller than a full page never run without a border. A minimum hairline border (.5 pt) is required on all four sides. Ads submitted without a border will have one added.

• 300 dpi is the preferred resolution for submitted artwork. (eps or tif files are best)

• All fonts must be embedded. For fonts that are not embedded, we reserve the right to replace those fonts with those we have in-house.

• Reverse type on color ads should not be any smaller than 10 pt. size to ensure legibility.


• Color ads must be submitted as CMYK. Ads submitted with RGB or spot colors will be converted to CMYK.

• Black-and-white ads must be submitted as black-and-white or grayscale. “Rich blacks” (black composed of C, M, Y, and K) will be converted to grayscale.

• Ads that must be converted may cause slight color shifts. RLn is not responsible for color shifts due to incorrect submission, and such shifts will not be grounds for a make-good.

PLACEMENT Back page, inside front cover, page 2, inside back cover and center spread ads are sold at premium rates. Other ads with specified placement will be charged an additional 25% on applicable ad rate (when available). No agency discounts apply to premium ad placement. With the exception of paid premium positions outlined above, RLn does not guarantee the position of any advertisement within the paper. Unpaid placement instructions are considered on a request basis only.

LIABILITY & CONTENT POLICIES The advertiser shall assume full responsibility and liability for all content (including pictorial representations and graphic artwork) of advertisements placed by advertiser in Random Lengths News and shall assume full responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against Random Lengths News, its officers, agents, and employees. Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Random Lengths News harmless from any and all expenses or losses, including, but not limited to: attorneys’ fees and legal judgments, incurred or suffered by Random Lengths News, by reason of any and all claims arising out of the publication of any advertisement placed by advertiser.

Publisher reserves the right to approve or refuse all copy.

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  • Brynne Bryan

    I would like to know how much a 1/4 page ad for an Earth Day event would cost.

    • 8:46 am - 03/13/2017