The History of Our Name

Vintage_HarborNavigating by the stars of free speech and free press Random Lengths carries the cargo of words and ideas, of thought and reflections in random lengths and widths.

The metaphor of our name refers to the early days of the San Pedro Bay, when lumber schooners from the Pacific Northwest arrived frequently to offload their cargoes. The timbers they carried came rough cut in what was commonly termed “random lengths and widths,” a term that is still used in the lumber trade today. Random Lengths, comes from this heritage of the harbor and building communities.

In the worst of times a vigilant press is essential to the freedom of thought and expression in a free society. In the best of times, it is informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. Random Lengths provides news for all times.

Since 1979

Random Lengths Newspaper has been the independent, progressive newspaper of the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Harbor Area for more than 35 years. RLn publishes every other Thursday, reaching 63,000 readers in the seven cities that surround the Harbor Area; San Pedro, Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Wilmington, Carson, Lomita, Harbor City. RLn is proud of the readership and support from the Harbor Area labor unions, who allow us exclusive distribution inside most of their union halls.

“A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.” -Mark Twain


James Preston Allen, Publisher/Executive Editor

Suzanne Matsumiya, Assoc. Publisher/Production Coordinator

Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor

Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor

David Johnson, Customer Service Representative

Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor

Lyn Jensen, Carson Reporter

Andrea Serna, Arts Writer

Melina Paris, Culture Writer

Mike Botica, Editorial Intern

Arlo Tinsman-Kongshaug, Editorial Intern

Cartoonists: Ann Cleaves,  Andy Singer,  Matt Wuerker


Staff Blogs

PaulRosenburg  Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor


zamna Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor


LowwaterProfile  Mathew Highland, Communications Director


BBarr  B. Noel Barr, The Music Writer Dude


Jenson  Lynn Jensen, Carson Reporter


LoriLynn  Lori Lynn Hirsch Stokoe, Guest Columnist


Alternative News Sources

Al Jazeera


Daily Kos

Democracy Now

Project Censored



The Nation


Local Links

Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council

Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council

Control Panel L.A.

Downtown Long Beach Business Associates

Lamda Democratic Club

Mike Watt Internet Radio Show

Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council

San Pedro Chamber of Commerce

San Pedro Democratic Club

San Pedro PBID

Yes We Can Democratic Club (Long Beach)

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