Port Police Recruiting Officers

  • 05/04/2018
  • Reporters Desk

The Los Angeles Port Police are currently looking for qualified men and women to join their team. The range of duties include the safety and security of all passenger, cargo and vessel operations. Officers patrol the Port’s 43 miles of waterfront by boat, helicopter, automobile and bicycle; monitor vessel berthings to ensure safe docking; issue hazardous cargo and dangerous-goods permits; inspect vessels to guard against drug smuggling and pollution violations; enforce local, state and federal laws; provide special training and general assistance to customer security operations.

Officers are assigned to the Port of Los Angeles (City of Los Angeles Harbor Department) and undergo basic police academy training followed by field training with a field training officer. They may be assigned to patrol by vehicle or boat. Boat patrols include the enforcement of laws regulating vessel traffic, pollution investigations, handling of navigational hazards, inspections of docks, wharves, marinas, and all port-controlled waterways.

Interested candidates may apply at https://tinyurl.com/POLA-Employment-App/.

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