Random Letters: Losing Business to Redevelopment; Unleash the Leash

  • 03/26/2018
  • Reporters Desk

Losing Business to Redevelopment

I believe that Rafique Khan got it right. The Port [of Los Angeles] coming in and telling Ports O’Call restaurant to take a holiday for two years then come back and continue your business. You work real hard to build up a clientele and then you have to start over! That does not make much sense. Of course we are talking about the port and they have been known to waste money.

A good example of losing clientele is “Jersey Boy” car wash on the corner of Miraflores and Gaffey Street. Before they remodeled the car wash, they were always busy. It was closed for almost a year as they remodeled with new equipment. When you go by there today, there are only a few cars. The competition ate them up as there are two other car washes within a block.

What happened was that the car wash is not the same and people go other places for better service and price.

John Winkler

San Pedro


Unleash the Leash

For many years, local area residents have enjoyed having various places where they could walk their dogs off leash. Three such places are Friendship Park, Joan Milke Flores Park and a spot the locals call “Stargazer.”  Despite the posted signs, there has always been a tacit understanding amongst the people who use these areas that well-behaved dogs should be allowed to run free as long as their owners picked up after them.

Recently, the Sheriff’s Department and LAPD have made it clear that they intend to enforce the leash laws. Not only are they issuing warnings, they have started to issue tickets as well, with each ticket costing $281.

While the police and sheriffs are quick to point out that there are a few designated dog parks in the area, none of these are adequate for walking purposes and they all pale in comparison to these three sites in terms of size.

I believe those whose taxes pay for the parks and beaches should have a say in this matter. If you believe one or more of these areas should be designated a leash-free zone, I urge you to sign my petition.

Anyone interested in signing can contact me at: (310) 833-8977. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back. Thank you for your support.

Don Marshall

San Pedro

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