• The Whole Enchilada

    How Mexican Cuisine Conquered the USA

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Ask an Angelino, Latino or not, about their favorite taco truck or tamale guy and they will give you an answer. Just looking at my pantry, I am able to identify at least three different food items connected to Mexican cuisine

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  • LB Hotel Workers Sue for Wage Theft Violations

    By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor On April 19, Long Beach Renaissance Hotel workers filed a class action lawsuit for multiple forms of what amounts to wage theft. This included denial of rest breaks and overtime pay, being forced to do unpaid prep work and not being reimbursed for expenses. “It’s very common in the hotel i

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  • The Changing Face of America

    The new urban pioneers, slavery on the high seas and Trump

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher San Pedro is once again waiting at the threshold of another round of redevelopment and speculation, based upon the Port of Los Angeles’ commitment to waterfront development and the “about-

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  • Anguish & Obsession:

    An American Love Story

    In Anguish, the model is bound with her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded with police tape. Courtesy photo.
    By Melina Paris Contributing Writer Huss Hardan knew that not everyone was going to find Anguish & Obsession: An American Love Story palatable.

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